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Posted by barbara on April 14, 2010

What makes a destination great for a family? Have you gone on a vacation where everyone felt satisfied?

Thinking over the years to all the places in the world my family has visited, I have to give Atlantis in the Bahamas big props for providing a great family vacation.

While as an adult I typically look for other things when traveling---lots of culture, less of a "resort" vacation, plenty of exploration of a destination---with a kid in tow, this place was wonderful.


Well, the resort itself is Wet and Wild on steroids. With beautiful grounds, there are water slides galore, lazy rivers, and the beach. For a child, it's paradise. After he/she gets tired, you can all just go back to your room--right there!!!--and chill out for a bit.

At night, we saw a great play in an on-site theatre. (We bought the soundtrack and listened to that sucker until the CD got scratched.) My son went to a "Kid's Club" adventure one day so that my husband and I could go sailing.

We all got a little bit of culture to satisfy the adults as well as we took a day to explore the Bahamas, poke through some museums, go shopping, and ride in a horse-drawn carriage.

Honestly, with all the physical activity involved swimming---the gorgeous aquariums as well---my family enjoyed Atlantis more than we liked Disney World.

After having been ALL OVER the REAL world---amazing places with tons to offer: history, architecture, natural beauty---the kid still asks me sometimes, "So.... when do you think we'll make it back to the Bahamas?"

The only drawback to Atlantis?

Well, it's not cheap. But you know what? Neither is Disney!!!

Where do YOU guys suggest?

Reply by Littletraveller on January 25, 2011

I think more or less any destination is suitable for kids as long as you find the suitable accommodation and things to do with your little once.

We run a family travel website, and we research the best place to stay and things to do. We now have 2 little children and travel a lot with them. Although we would love to explore all placed kids are simply not interested in any sight seeing... all they would like to pay on the beach looking for all weird new animals.

I think Caribbean is definitely a good choice for young family.

Reply by Nicole_1977 on September 02, 2011

You can visit the summer resorts of Turkey. The hotels are really friendly and offer fun for both children and adults. Most of them has great animation staff and children's club.

Reply by hotelsincavan on October 25, 2012

There are many resorts and hotels in Ireland that are best suited for everyone to enjoy vacations with children and to make the trip memorable. Cavan is a county in Ireland, which is the most popular for amazing family friendly hotels or resorts. I had taken family breaks there. It was great experience for us.


Reply by ElanVacationsOBX on August 07, 2013

From personal experience, traveling to another country is a complete bonding experience for families, especially when you have to learn another language. When I was younger my parents took my brother and I to Germany but before we went we had to learn some basic German. My parents would practice with us every night at dinner for a couple months before we actually went. It was a great experience!

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