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Way to go

Created by tough on August 13, 2005

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We spent a fortnight travelling arond New Caledonia by rental car. Our accommodation was in hotels and bed-and-breakfasts.

Little French Paradise

Created by Sum on August 5, 2004

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Beautiful Pacific island with French flavour. A bit more expensive than its neighbours Fiji or Cook Islands. A busy port on the cruise scene with P and O.

Noumea Getaway

Created by Tropicalwino on April 12, 2004

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Noumea. I went to escape the rat-race and found unimaginable beauty, beautiful smiles, and unforgettable peace.

France's Best Kept Secret

Created by rodeime on August 11, 2003

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New Caledonia is the third largest island in the Pacific Region after Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. It is located in southern Melanesia, at a latitude of 19°-23° south and at a longitude of 158°-172° east. The island is situated about 1,500 km from Australia, 1,700 km from New Zealand, 5,000 km from Tahiti, 7,000 km from Japan, 10,000 km from the West Coast of the USA and 20,000 km from France. It had been 30 years since my first visit to Noumea on a long since scrapped P&O cruise ship and the changes were remarkable. New Caledonia Tourism Website.

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