New Caledonia Journals

Noumea Getaway

A May 2003 trip to New Caledonia by Tropicalwino

Mary D Photo, New Caledonia, South Pacific More Photos
Quote: Noumea. I went to escape the rat-race and found unimaginable beauty, beautiful smiles, and unforgettable peace.

Noumea Getaway


Although the Aquarium on Anse Vata Beach looks small and insignificant, this would have to be the most exciting surprise of the whole island! There are amazingly beautiful tropical fish and other marine creatures. Quick Tips: When you visit the aquarium, don't miss the Nautilus exhibit. It's tucked away round the back and is in total darkness (watch your feet; there's protrusions to trip you!). You'll also see the fluorescent coral in the same room.Best Way To Get Around: The bus is the best way to get around and very cheap. The only problem is that the drivers don't speak much English!! I hope your French is up to scratch! I caught the wrong bus and had a merry tour of the 'b...Read More

Mary D to Amadee

Best Of IgoUgo


Mary D Photo, New Caledonia, South Pacific
The day trip to Amadee on the MaryD was sensational. The marine life was amazingly beautiful and plentiful -- and despite the overcast day, the water was crystal clear. Keep an eye out for the Tricot Raye sea snakes sleeping on the beaches! And for the more adventurous, walk to the back of the island and look for larger sea snake tracks in the sand! From the top of the famous Napoleon built lighthouse, see the remains of the makeshift rail line they used to deliver the lighthouse itself across the shallow reefs. The South Pacific dancers (especially the guy using fire sticks!) were sensational. Be careful of the punch at the sumptuous buffe...Read More

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