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Hitchhiking & Sightseeing Albania

Created by dangaroo on April 15, 2009 Best of IgoUgo

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Travelling around the great country of Albania

All About Albania

Created by beatka on May 26, 2007

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One of the most fascinating places I've traveled to in the recent past is Albania, still a relatively undiscovered world. It boasts lovely coastline, rugged mountains, and a proud people who excel at making one feel welcome in their country. I really loved the place and hope others will too!

Unpacking Albania

Created by natureboy_08 on October 13, 2006

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I've been living in Albania for one year, in a mid size town south of the capital called, Elbasan. I am here to work with university students but I've also travelled a lot. Hope my observations help shed some light on this off the grid country.

Ahhh Albania!!!

Created by ktopi on February 23, 2006

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The hidden treasure of my husband's homeland of Albania!

Albania by Public Transport

Created by ezrab on October 20, 2003

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Some places I visited in Albania during a one week tour by public transport.

Ambling Around Albania

Created by Surfsup on May 19, 2002

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Albania is wild! The landscape, the people, the history and culture. But it is also a fascinating, rarely visited place of friendly, hospitable people well worth exploring.

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