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Tsetseegum Uul

Written by Paul Bacon on 18 Dec, 2005

If you were to look down on northern Asia from above, the city of Ulaan Baatar would appear as little more than the tiniest of dots in the midst of a vast unfettered field of nothing. Even on ground level it is easy to see…Read More

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Darkhan - Wolf Hunting

Written by Paul Bacon on 11 Dec, 2005

Mongolia is famed far more for its wide-open countryside and seemingly unending horizons than it is for its city-life. The capital city of Ulaan Baatar is something of a Communist relic made up of blockish 1950s styled buildings, the majority of which have lost what…Read More

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On Horseback

Written by 80 Ways Tim on 05 Aug, 2005

The breed of horses indigenous to Mongolia might not be quite as large as those found elsewhere around the world, but it didn't stop me from finding my animal transport for the day a bit intimidating. Thom and I had signed up for a day on…Read More

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Written by 80 Ways Tim on 29 Jun, 2005

Outside my room, a bull returns my gaze. Before I have time to gauge the threat posed by the large horned animal standing 10 feet away from me, two crazed dogs chase it off. I’m in Mongolia, and I’m staying in a ger (hut) just outside Ulaan…Read More

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In the middle of nowhere on a horse

Written by AsianPersuasian on 02 May, 2006

I never thought this would happen. Riding a horse in the middle of nowhere with a strange man possessing an amazing singing voice... well it did.My friend Barbara and I set out three days ago with plans of hiking to the Gunjiin Sum Monastery in…Read More

Getting pierced in Mongolia

Written by AsianPersuasian on 04 May, 2006

Okay, so getting pierced in a country like Mongolia is not the smartest thing to do, but I'm still alive and my ear hasn't fallen off.   It all started with my friend buying a dress at the Black Market. It was a sweet, little, red…Read More

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Backpacking in Mongolia

Written by AsianPersuasian on 02 May, 2006

Mongolia is a country that has stolen my heart.... the people, the landscape, and the sheer beauty of the countryside makes you stop and sigh. I have ventured far and wide, but Mongolia has no equal. Here was where I learned to breathe... here is…Read More

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Written by Paul Bacon on 23 Nov, 2005

It didn’t take me long to get sick of the intense cold that encapsulated Ulaan Baatar. To alleviate that boredom, I decided to look for the best way to get out of the city. As it transpired, the easiest option was to jump onto the…Read More

A day in the life of a Trans-Siberia traveler

Written by tammyhayano on 23 Aug, 2005

Each day, the train made two 20-minute stops. You were allowed out of the train, but only to the platform area. Still, it was quite a treat to get some fresh air, walk around, and buy food from the vendors (if available).…Read More

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Mongolian Culture : Shamanism

Written by kiwigal on 10 Jul, 2001

The Mongolian people practice both the Lamaic form of Buddhism but Shamanistic practices are still evident in their lives. Ovoo An ovoo is a shamanistic pile of stones that is very sacred in Mongolia. These piles of stones can be found all over the countryside…Read More

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