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Age Range: 30-39  |  Joined: November 2005

Rotherham, United Kingdom

Trip Journals by Paul Bacon

Name Destination Date Created
Tender is the Beijing Night Beijing, China October 01, 2006
Tianjin, Rustic Tianjin, China May 28, 2006
Tianjin, City guide Tianjin, China May 23, 2006
Hanging out in Datong Datong, China May 17, 2006

Reviews by Paul Bacon

Name Destination Date Written
Ancient Culture Street Tianjin, China November 13, 2006
Jingshan Park Beijing, China October 29, 2006
Balitai Brazilian Barbecue Tianjin, China October 29, 2006
YYs Tianjin, China October 21, 2006

Stories and Tips by Paul Bacon

Name Destination Date Written
An-Jing Tianjin, China November 09, 2006
BMT Tianjin, China August 02, 2006
The Crossing Tianjin, China July 31, 2006
A losing battle Tianjin, China June 27, 2006

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Beijing, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Seoul, New York
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Prague, Sapporo, Hanoi, Mombasa, Rio de Janeiro