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Kleine Matterhorn

Written by caromeow on 22 Mar, 2005

Okay, here we could have been more prepared. Make sure you check out timetables and price listings for the cable cars so you don't end up getting to the top and then scrambling to take the last cable car back down (of course, if you…Read More

My nerve-wracking train experience

Written by lyss710 on 14 Jul, 2001

As I mentioned in the overview, the train that runs into Zermatt is a private train and is therefore not covered on your Eurail or Europass. Needless to say when you switch trains in Brig from a public train to the private one, there…Read More

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Zermatt 2003: Update from Matterhorn Country

Written by jemery on 10 Sep, 2003

One of my favorite railroad books concerns a stressed-out reporter whose doctor ordered him to Zermatt because "there were no stories there." Implying, when that was written in 1974, that it was a quaint little place. It’s true that Zermatt still refuses to allow internal-combustion vehicles…Read More

Zermatt Experience!

Written by RuMeR on 26 Oct, 2005

Friday evening we were surfing through all the places we could go within Switzerland and came across Zermatt! We had never been there and simply decided driving the next day to experience the lovely place. We booked a four-star hotel, and unluckily, they didn't get our…Read More

The Missing Aupair

Written by caromeow on 22 Mar, 2005

Seven aupairs set off one almost-spring day from Bern to Zermatt in hopes of viewing the beautiful, famous, wondrous mountain that is the Matterhorn. We arrived at the station in Bern to meet and take the 7:39 train, getting us to Zermatt at 10:24. One…Read More

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The 5 franc swiss phone card

Written by lyss710 on 14 Jul, 2001

I don't know that the phone cards still look the same, but my favorite souvenier from the entire time I spent in Switzerland was the phone card I bought so I could call ahead and reserve a room for Venice (my next stop). I…Read More

Hiking through the Alpine Woods

Written by John Cairns on 26 Jan, 2006

We enjoyed hiking through the Alpine forest around Zermatt. The trails are well marked and not as challenging as one may think. Along the way there are small restaurants, or in warm weather, it might be nice to bring your own picnic lunch. …Read More

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Spring Skiing

Written by GoSwiss! on 07 Jul, 2005

The best spring skiing, and summer skiing for that matter, you'll find at Kleines Matterhorn Glacier. Usually after 1pm, the snow gets too slushy because of the sun and warmth, so everybody tends to meet up for après skiing (European ski-bum language for getting drunk…Read More

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Written by george@petitjazz.com on 16 Feb, 2006

No cars in the village, relaxing, sunny, a tremendous experience for a family. The services and people are wonderful... that old thing about the Swiss being 'cold' or unfriendly is rubbish.The cost of a ski vacation is comparable to that of the same in the…Read More

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Written by LetsGoThere on 30 Mar, 2005

The skiing here is great, but the selection of terrain is a bit overwhelming. I skied all over the place, and still feel like I only saw a third of what was available. The runs are long and vary from easy to psycho.…Read More

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