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Sydney, Australia

About Me: My family is embarking upon a new adventure. In February 2010 we will be moving from our home of 5 years, Market Weighton, England, to Sydney, Australia. England has been our home since 2002 and we will miss it greatly, but we look forward to the many new adventures ahead of us. I am pregnant and our second child is due in June 2010.

I don't have very much time these days to contribute to IgoUgo as much as I would like. I hope in the future I can continue to write at least a couple of journals each year so share some of my more exciting adventures. I also plan to contribute an ongoing journal of my time in Sydney.

See you all Down Under!

Trip Journals by UK Flower Girl

Name Destination Date Created
The Land of Fire and Ice, Part I Iceland, Europe October 10, 2009
Greece from North to South Greece, Europe September 13, 2009
Weekend in Malta Malta, Europe September 11, 2009
Hokitika: Goldrush and Greenstone Hokitika, New Zealand November 20, 2006

Reviews by UK Flower Girl

Name Destination Date Written
Beauty on the Banks of the Fjord Grenivik, Iceland October 12, 2009
Beautiful Fjord Views, not Much Space Akureyri, Iceland October 10, 2009
Great Place If You Can Find It Keflavik, Iceland October 10, 2009
Huge Suite Prague, Czech Republic September 21, 2009

Stories and Tips by UK Flower Girl

Name Destination Date Written
Iceland Overview Iceland, Europe October 12, 2009
Getting to Iceland and Finding B&B Keflavik Airport Iceland, Europe October 10, 2009
Franz Joseph Glacier and a Blocked Trail Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand September 21, 2009
Suspended Rocks and Religion Greece, Europe September 18, 2009

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I travel because...
the world is full of amazing places to see. I love the world's diversity in language, culture, and people. I hope I never have to stop travelling for any reason.
I love to travel to...
New Zealand, Alaska, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, British Isles, mountains, coastal areas, English countryside, Rural villages, Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia, Czech Republic
I never forget to pack...
the camera (extra batteries, charger), comfortable walking shoes, my toothbrush, a good guide book and my passport.
It's my dream to travel to...
Norway, Greenland, Antarctica, Quebec, Australia, Japan, China, Peru, Thailand, Singapore, more of Eastern Europe, SE Asia, China, Turkey, Morocco, South Pacific....and the list goes on and on and on and on
When I'm not traveling...
I dream about travelling and probably have another trip in the works.