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Stories and Tips Yucatan Peninsula

Have I Got a Deal For You!

Written by flamingokid on 04 Feb, 2012

After two weeks in tranquillo, rustic Akumal, Guy and I checked into the Grand Mayan in Playa del Carmen. It was a last minute addition to our trip--one of the ubiquitous Internet deals and I decided to take advantage of this one. A week in…Read More

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Evening Activities

Written by Cantin2 on 23 Oct, 2004

Evenings at El Dorado Royale Resort and Spa are romantic and magical because the walkways are lit and subtle lights illuminate the fountains, pools, and waterfall. All patios and balconies are bathed in soft light while plantings and palm trees have spotlights and the…Read More

Playa De Carmen

Written by fionademp on 01 Mar, 2007

I stayed in an all-inclusive resort in Playa De Carmen, the Riu Tequila Resort. The resort is set amongst a number of other all-inclusive resorts all of a luxury standard. I’ve stayed all-inclusive before but nothing on this scale of luxury. The entrance to this…Read More

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Written by fionademp on 21 Feb, 2007

I travelled to Merida from Belize on an overnight bus arriving in the middle of the night. We stayed at The Nest, a really good hostel which unfortunately has now relocated to Cancun. Merida is a city full of culture, head to the main square…Read More

Nada Con Dolfines! (Swim With Dolphins!)

Written by jenae567 on 06 Jun, 2006

Perhaps one of the most unforgettable experiences you could ever have is waiting for you in the Yucatan Peninsula! As part of a wedding gift to me, my husband signed us up for a trip to the nearby water park—with 2 tickets to swim some…Read More

Santa Rosa Xlapac and Ezbná

Written by Safiri on 06 Jun, 2005

When we left the main road from the Puuc Route heading south, following the sign for Santa Rosa Xlapac, we knew it was going to be bumpy -- the guidebook said the road had deteriorated in the four years since it had been built. What…Read More

Oxkintok and the Calcehtok Caves

Written by Safiri on 05 Jun, 2005

The first day out of Mérida, heading south towards the Puuc Route, we stopped at Oxkintok and the Calcehtok Caves. The ruins at Oxkintok were a surprise. They hardly feature in some guidebooks, and we were expecting something small and hardly excavated. Instead, after driving through…Read More

Wildlife in the Yucatan

Written by Safiri on 25 May, 2005

Unless you stay strictly on the most beaten of beaten paths in the Yucatan, you are almost sure to encounter some interesting animals and birds. Birds are the easiest, and sometimes the most spectacular. The motmot is a large, very beautiful bird with iridescent blue-green feathers…Read More

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Calakmul, or Why You Should Rent a Car

Written by Safiri on 25 Jan, 2005

Calakmul is hard to get to. You don't end up there by accident; you have to want it. And it's worth wanting. Calakmul lies south of the main road between Escarcega and Chetumal, smack in the middle of a lot of empty or lightly farmed land.…Read More

The Senorita Santa Elena Beauty Pageant

Written by Safiri on 25 Jan, 2005

While we were staying at the Flycatcher B&B in Santa Elena in the Yucatan, I made friends with the owner, a remarkable American woman named Kristine who abandoned a lucrative career, moved to the Yucatan, married a Mayan man, and now runs a remarkably polished…Read More

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