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a few moments in Valladolid

Written by noelle_1 on 20 Mar, 2004

Valladolid is a Spanish colonial town, founded on a Mayan capital. All the energy focuses around the plaza, or Parque Principal. There is a central fountain, merchants selling their wares (including excellent authentic Mayan embroidery), cute little two-seater chairs called condifenciales (love seats), among charming…Read More

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How to travel to Merida and Uxmal from Playa del Carmen ?

Written by Rafal on 22 Nov, 2001

Here is the detailed information on "How to travel to Merida and Uxmal from Playa del Carmen in one day?" Our decision to came to this city was made after reading "Fodor's" guide. The day before our adventure, we prepared our food for the next day's…Read More

Hammock Buying

Written by Love the Beach on 02 Nov, 2000

One of the most beautiful and useful things you can find in the Yucatan area are the handmade mulicolored cotton hammocks--these come in a variety of sizes-from singles to family-sized. The vendors take pride in explaining how they are woven, etc. Buy one…Read More

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Written by dawn on 30 Apr, 2004

Located 3 hours south of Cancun. Arrive by tour bus, ADO bus, or rental car, parking fee $3 Entry: $4, free on Sunday. Open at 8am-5pm (winter) Guides at the entry for $40US per group of 4. I was not impressed with this service. Train…Read More

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Written by dawn on 30 Apr, 2004

Arrive by rental car or organized tours (limited) from Cancun /Chichen-itza hotels Free on Sundays and Holidays, $3 entry fee. 10 miles north of Vallodolid. No restaurant or bathrooms Ek Balam is the oldest of the three sites and the most mysterious. Surrounded by jungle, and under…Read More

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Hacienda Route

Written by wanderluster on 04 Jul, 2007

Visiting haciendas throughout the Yucatan offers a glimpse into another part of the region’s past, an era of splendor and elegance dating from the 17th century. Spanish plantation owners practiced cattle ranching, produced sugar cane or manufactured sisal rope from henequen plants. Their lavish estates…Read More

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Written by fionademp on 21 Feb, 2007

Chetumal is a typical border town. It’s the first town across the border from Belize and is generally a stopping point for travellers heading further into Mexico or Belizeans who fancy a change. There isn’t much in the way of culture to be found in…Read More

Traveling around the area

Written by JesusW on 06 Feb, 2005

If you arrive by bus, the only option you have is to take a taxi, but don't worry—it’s not that expensive. In this area, there is no good public transportation, so everybody relies on taxis to travel around. From Xpuhil pueblo, you can visit several archeological…Read More

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Enjoying an Undisturbed Jungle

Written by JesusW on 03 Feb, 2005

This area is a biosphere reserve, and thus no human activities should harm it: no logging, no towns, and no hotels inside the reserve.To get from the nearest town with services (Xpuhil), it is about 120km and a little bit more than a 1-hour drive…Read More

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Riviera Hodgepodge

Written by dfrb on 05 Jul, 2004

The Mayan Riviera and the entire Yucatan offers so much more than water activities. On each of our visits, we try to experience something different. With each new experience, our appreciation for this beautiful part of Mexico increases. Below are some notes…Read More

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