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Nada Con Dolfines! (Swim With Dolphins!)

Perhaps one of the most unforgettable experiences you could ever have is waiting for you in the Yucatan Peninsula!

As part of a wedding gift to me, my husband signed us up for a trip to the nearby water park—with 2 tickets to swim some of its local residents—bottlenose dolphins!

The weather was a bit rainy and the water was a little cold, but it didn't matter. I was too excited to care. After we zoomed down a few water slides, we made our way to the back of the park, where our new friends awaited us. Some marine biologists gave us some interesting info on the flippered fellows and then divided us into small groups of 5 people. And then, off into the water we went! It didn't take long for the curious dolphins to see who had come to visit! They circled around us and did a few tricks. And then came the best part, photo ops! Each person in the group received a kiss from each dolphin at the same time! (Surprisingly, their "beaks" are pretty hard and it kinda hurt! But it was worth it!) As I grinned for the cameras, I was imagining just how jealous everyone back at home will be when they see this picture! After everyone got their dolphin kisses, it was time for the dolphin RIDES! After receiving instructions, I found myself face down in the water. Quickly, the two dolphins came up behind me and used their beaks to push the bottoms of my feet! They pushed me so fast I was almost standing completely upright in the water! The pictures make me look like Poseidon surfacing in a majestic wake! It was awesome.

All too soon, however, the dolphins waved their goodbyes, and off they swam. We climbed out of the water with huge grins. It was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had.

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