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Dealing with Red Tape and Corrupt Officials

Written by fallschirmhosen on 12 Mar, 2009

When traveling in the Congo, you will (undoubtedly) come across people who wish to make your traveling a little harder than it already is. Despite all of the "fees" and "tips" you will be told you need to pay in order to pass a…Read More

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Kasindi to Beni by Car

Written by fallschirmhosen on 12 Mar, 2009

After crossing into the Congo from Uganda without my own transportation, my interpreter and I needed to find a ride to get us to Beni, several hours up the road. On a map, Beni is close. But, the road between Kasindi and Beni…Read More

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Epulu to Beni by Motorbike

Written by fallschirmhosen on 12 Mar, 2009

Though not as easy to arrange as a motorbike from Beni to Epulu, it is possible to hire motorbikes for the journey between Epulu and Beni. On my trip, my interpreter and I found motorbike drivers at the Ituri River crossing in Komanda who…Read More

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Beni to Epulu by Bus

Written by fallschirmhosen on 12 Mar, 2009

Taking the bus to Epulu seemed straightforward enough: Buy a ticket, board the bus (Les Enfants D'Abord), and get off in Epulu. But, as you may have guessed, not everything goes as planned in the Congo.In Beni, the bus station posted fares to the…Read More

Travel Options from Beni to Epulu

Written by fallschirmhosen on 12 Mar, 2009

There are several ways you can travel to Epulu from Beni. Flying, renting a car, hiring a motorbike, taking a bus, or riding on top of a truck are all possible options.The fastest, and most expensive, is by flying. MAF Congo offers flights…Read More

Entering Congo via Uganda (Kasindi Border)

Written by fallschirmhosen on 12 Mar, 2009

The thought of entering the Congo is enough to give most people the heebie jeebies. While it is anything but simple to do, it is possible to do with a little patience. I crossed into the Congo in mid-November 2008 at the Kasindi…Read More

Getting to Mutsora (ICCN Headquarters)

Written by fallschirmhosen on 12 Mar, 2009

Mutsora is a very small village located 1-2 miles south of the village of Mutwanga. Mutwanga, itself rather small, is located approximately 5 miles east of the main road between Beni and the Kasindi border. Though the road from this main Beni-Kasindi road…Read More

Go Congo Tour Operator

Written by fallschirmhosen on 12 Mar, 2009

Finding a tour company to take you inside the Congo can be a tricky undertaking, especially if you're going to eastern Congo. Months in advance, I contacted a tour company based in Goma (that I will not name here). Upon Laurent Nkunda's threatened…Read More

Go Congo Mbandaka Trip

Written by on 04 Nov, 2012

If Cancun is your kind of vacation, you can stop reading now and close this page.I recently made a trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo where I was able to get out and meet the people in the villages. After a lot of…Read More

Trekking the Volcano with Hakuna Matata Tours

Written by Lwaker22 on 14 Jun, 2010

The day was here. I had wanted to trek up Nyiragongo Volcano, to an active lava lake for two years now. It had been closed due to the rebels’ attacks on Goma in 2008 and had only been open again since March 1st of this…Read More

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