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Finding Brightness in the Heart of Darkness

Created by fallschirmhosen on March 12, 2009 Best of IgoUgo

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In the summer and fall of 2008, Laurent Nkunda and his cronies began months of trouble in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. So, naturally, I felt this was a great time to visit the DRC.

Turbulent Kinshasa

Created by Markvh on September 5, 2004

3 Reviews

I've been in Kinshasa for two days and since I've been in love with Afrika!

moj prvi dnevnik

Created by eutanazie on November 10, 2003

1 Review

Hot air, mosquitoes, and lots of sun . . . ahhhh . ..

Congo: Heart of Africa

Created by RThanne on May 3, 2003

1 Review

"Would you like to work in Congo for a year?" I was asked one morning. Saying "Yes", I went home and thought of disease, poverty, and danger. What was I thinking! But yes, I had prayed for this since I was eight-years-old. Yes, I would go to the heart of Africa.

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