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Getting to Mutsora (ICCN Headquarters)

Mutsora is a very small village located 1-2 miles south of the village of Mutwanga. Mutwanga, itself rather small, is located approximately 5 miles east of the main road between Beni and the Kasindi border. Though the road from this main Beni-Kasindi road to Mutwanga can handle 4x4 vehicles, it is narrow and rocky, which makes travel time relatively long and more suitable for Yamaha dirt bikes or the usual "Senko" motorbikes in the area.

From both Beni and the Kasindi border, travel time is approximately 2 hours on a motorbike...give or take some time for possible flat tires. In Beni, all it takes is a little bit of asking around for a motorbike driver to take you to Mutsora, ideally the day before you wish to travel. They will ask for $10, which is slightly negotiable, and will meet you at your hotel.

If you're coming from Kasindi, it may be a little harder to find a driver willing to go to Mutsora. But, it is possible. Again, the price will be about $10. If you cannot find a driver direct to Mutsora, you may be able to find a shared taxi to take you to the village where the road to Mutwanga/Mutsora intersects. Here, you can then probably find a motorbike to Mutsora much more easily.

If heading in the opposite direction (that is, Mutsora/Mutwanga back to Beni or Kasindi), it might be easier to arrange a driver to come to Mutwanga on the day you wish to depart instead of trying to arrange a driver from Mutwanga to bring you to where you need to go. Not all Mutwanga drivers are willing to go as far as Beni or Kasindi.

Obviously, if you have your own vehicle, you don't need to worry about arranging motorbikes and settling on prices.

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