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Getting Fit: A Day Walk to Sarangkot

Written by SeenThat on 14 Nov, 2005

Pokhara Valley is Nepal’s second major tourist destination after Kathmandu. A peaceful valley set in the center of the country, Pokhara combines a warm, subtropical climate with amazing mountain views. The mountains rise more than 7,200m above the town. On the northeastern side of Pokhara is…Read More

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Tuesday's Bus

Written by Ozzy-Dave on 09 Sep, 2003

Tuesday’s Busby Dave Underwood Wednesday morning was fine and cool. The sun emerged from behind the Annapurna mountain giants with authority, casting a warm glow over Pokhara. Today we'd travel to Bhaktapur, near Kathmandu, to stay with friends before leaving Nepal. It would be an eventful…Read More

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Getting Started in Pokhara

Written by SeenThat on 24 Nov, 2005

If you arrived from Kathmandu by bus, you will be searching first for a late lunch and then for a place where to drop your backpack.Punjabi Vegetarian RestaurantA light Indian vegetarian meal is the perfect start: the Punjabi Vegetarian Restaurant offers food of an amazing…Read More

The Annapuna Circuit

Written by SeenThat on 18 Nov, 2005

The Annapurna Circuit is the most popular trekking route in Nepal, and despite lacking a natural attraction of the Everest size, it offers interesting views. The long circuit takes around 2 weeks, but if you are short on time, you can make a shorter trek and…Read More

A Walk Through Pokhara

Written by SeenThat on 18 Nov, 2005

If you plan to visit Pokhara, your timing is crucial. Arriving before the end of the monsoon rains means giving up any trekking possibilities, and the amazing mountains views from the town will be blocked by the constantly clouded skies. Hence, the best season is…Read More

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Row your boat in an electrical storm!

Written by yogajon on 26 Apr, 2002

Thursday 10th April 'Row, row, row your boat (in an electrical storm)' The weather was overcast but we were determined to hire a rowboat and have lunch on the magnificent Pokhara Lake. Stocking up on supplies we hired a small rowboat and slowly rowed across the lake,…Read More

To Trek or Not to Trek

Written by Leesa on 08 Jan, 2002

Not being big walkers, and with only a 2 week holiday, we were undecided about trekking. Once there, it seems very much a ‘must do’ in many people’s minds. If undecided like us, do consider the following before being talked into it by…Read More

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