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Exploring Kathmandu

Written by Linda Hoernke on 06 Apr, 2013

Visions of snowy mountain peaks, monasteries, crowded streets & temples enter ones mind when Kathmandu is mentioned. The name Kathmandu comes from a Sanskrit compound of words meaning Kashtha (wood) and Mandap (house). This is what I went in search of and found. The…Read More

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Bhaktapur, Nepal

Written by Linda Hoernke on 21 Mar, 2013

Bhaktapur is also known as "City of the Devotees." Bhaktapur is located in the Kathmandu Valley and has three major squares full of towering temples which has some of the finest examples of religious architecture in all of Nepal. The narrow cobblestone streets wind…Read More

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First Brave Step

Written by SeenThat on 18 Apr, 2012

Trekking poles can be useful in stiff descents on rough terrain, especially if carrying around a heavy backpack. The problem is their size and shape; few travelers would seriously consider bringing them from abroad, even if they fold tightly. Accordingly, this was one of the…Read More

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Tuxedo Trek

Written by SeenThat on 18 Apr, 2012

Choosing clothes for a long trek is a complicated affair. One must take suitable clothes for the season and the terrain, and enough of them to be comfortable. Yet, if bringing too much clothes, one would need a porter or two, diminishing the joy of…Read More

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On Blood Sucking Beasts – Know Your Enemy

Written by SeenThat on 04 Nov, 2011

The lower parts of the Everest trek pass through rather humid parts of the land. Vegetation and fog abound there, creating a haven for leeches; passing trekkers transform this haven into a real heaven for these obnoxious creatures: pleasant climate and easy meals. Knowing how…Read More

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Patan means Lalitpur

Written by SeenThat on 28 Oct, 2011

Patan, or Lalitpur as it is usually called, is the second-largest city in the Kathmandu Valley and lies just across the Bagmati River from Kathmandu. The town is much quieter and its main sights can be covered in an easy day walk. It is located…Read More

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Salt-Butter Tea and Altitude Food

Written by SeenThat on 26 Oct, 2011

If asked, most Westerners would acknowledge at least a basic acquaintance with the Chinese cuisine, unaware that what is usually served at Western Chinese restaurants is not representative of the original gastronomic feast. If reaching China, a different world is revealed to them, with hundreds…Read More

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Trekking Words

Written by SeenThat on 25 Oct, 2011

One of the problems of traveling in foreign cultures is the difficulty of remembering truly odd names. Often, these include words describing geographical characteristics or manmade landmarks, but that doesn’t help if the traveler doesn’t speak the local language. In one of my first solo-trips…Read More

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Why Nepal?

Written by SeenThat on 16 May, 2011

Why Nepal? After all one could trek the Himalayas from India, China or any other of several other options. If willing to reach by land the highest mountain n the planet, then China is by far the most comfortable option. If wanting to see the…Read More

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Altitude Navigation

Written by SeenThat on 28 Nov, 2009

On Altitude NavigationNavigating on mountainous terrain is very different from doing so on flat ground. In the last, a compass is very important because usually few landmarks are visible. Knowing the path, directions and distances becomes then crucial. On the mountains, the situation is different.…Read More

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