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Covered Bridges on Display

Covered Bridges on Display Photo

Photo by SeenThat

Posted on October 13, 2011 in Trip Ideas

A little taste of Americana is happening in Rockville Indiana from October 14 – 23rd. The Covered Bridge Festival of Parke County celebrates the area’s covered bridges and with 32, boasts that it has the most in the United States.

Covered bridges, of course, occur everywhere in the world, and we are fascinated by them. When writing of the Japanese Bridge in Hoi An, Vietnam, SeenThat asked “Can a bridge justify crossing the world just for one sight of it? Usually not; even the idea sounds preposterous. A humble bridge made of old wood and spanning a narrow, irrelevant stream can neither gather enough publicity nor importance to bend a worldwide pilgrim’s plans; it must rely on serendipity. The last often interferes with a traveler’s plans and turns such a silly idea into the most natural event. It may lose some visitors in such a way, but it gains in the effect created on anyone reaching it, ensuring lifelong memories of the event and ensuring the next generation will faithfully restore it again.”

The Hartland Covered Bridge in New Brunswick is longest covered bridge in the world . Photo by grannola.

The Stovall Mill Covered Bridge is the shortest covered bridge in Georgia, USA. Photo by Slaney.

Iowa’s Roseman Covered Bridge was featured in both the novel and film The Bridges of Madison County.
Photo by MilwVon.

Photo of a Vermont covered bridge by Debbietje.

Photo of an Ephrata, PA covered bridge by unorthodox traveler.

Posted by Nik’sMom (Terre Grilli)


Comment by MilwVon on October 17, 2011

Love the covered bridges!

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