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IgoUgo's Back to School Fall Syllabus

IgoUgo's Back to School Fall Syllabus Photo

Photo by Jose Kevo

Posted on September 4, 2012 in Best of Travel

Judging by the swarms of people at IKEA and Target, the lack of kids at the nearby skate park, and the number of buses chugging over the Manhattan Bridge, it's safe to say that school has begun. Another year of mind-molding and social awkwardness, school of any degree is a great way to spark interest in any subject- including travel.

Here at IgoUgo we love to learn, and although we are not in the classroom at a desk, the world provides thousands of opportunities to expand your horizons. Some of the best ways to learn are through immersion, and there is nothing better than learning about new places and cultures. We were ecstatic at our fall syllabus and all the chances it afforded to learn more about our favorite subjects at different places around the world.

Mutter Museum, Philadelphia

All sorts of abnormalities and ailments make up the Mutter's collection on medical and anatomical misfortunes. Some of the pieces include "The case of skulls. Who would have thought that skulls could come in such a wide variety of sizes and shapes? This case came from a collection that was done by a European Dr Joseph Hertyl." -zabelle

Machu Picchu, Peru

Possibly the best place to marvel at the beauty of Ancient Cultures. "The Spanish conquistadors never found Machu Picchu to loot or destroy and it was the American explorer Hiram Bingham who stumbled on the Inca citadel in 1911. At the time the city had almost returned to the original vegetation but a slow and often painful archaeological project from Yale University set about unearthing this stunning and now iconic site," says MichaelJM of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Marine Biology
Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Exploding with Biodiversity, the Reef is a hot spot for ecological adventures. Stomps reports that,"Everywhere, there were brilliant colors, with only a slight tinge of blue. We could see little anemones with clownfish poking out of them and parrotfish chasing each other around and through the coral formations. With every turn of the head, we could see different and exciting wildlife."

Temple of Zeus, Athens

Although much of the Temple is now destroyed, the ambiance of the Ancient Greeks remains. "Interesting fact about the Temple of Olympian Zeus is the fact that it took almost 700 years to build. It was started in 515 BC by Peristratos and finished in 125 AD by Roman emperor Hadrian," reports Scubabartek.

Taos Pueblo, New Mexico

The Taos Pueblo is famous for its pottery; this specific pottery contains bits of mica so it does not need additional tempering materials. MikeinTown toured the pueblo are wrote,"Many of the residents have converted their homes into souvenir shops where they sell their home-made jewelry, pottery, leather drums, and food. I enjoyed walking around Taos Pueblo and talking to the friendly merchants. The history and the culture of the community are so different from anything I’ve experienced on the east coast of the U.S. where I live."

Vatican City

Is there any place more synonymous with religion than the Vatican? "And what a city! Not being a catholic myself, I did not feel myself the pilgrim there, nor did I feel any religious tug at the heart strings (but oh, I can imagine what a feeling it would present for those who do!) but I still found myself revelling in the surprisingly peaceful atmosphere that made up the cobbled entry way to St Peter's Basilica," mused Red Mezz.

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Posted by jhartmann13 (JJ Hartmann)

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