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Age Range: 30-39  |  Joined: April 2004

Inverness, United Kingdom

"Departure is both the constraint and liberation of journeys." - Stanley Stewart

About Me: I don't remember a time when my wandering feet didn't itch with the desire to be out exploring. Every year new destinations and experiences around the world beckon me and I've long since stopped trying to ignore their call. Adventures and stunning new light on the walls of new cities awaits me. An ever growing To Do List prompts me onward and the second best thing to being out seeing the sights is spending long twighlight hours pouring over maps and guides and imagining future adventures.

Trip Journals by Red Mezz

Name Destination Date Created
Only the smallest in size... Vatican City, Europe January 09, 2012
The Golden, Eternal city... Rome, Italy November 21, 2011
Scottish Whisky Trail Dufftown, Scotland November 14, 2011
Another summer in the Scottish Borders... Moffat, Scotland March 01, 2011

Reviews by Red Mezz

Name Destination Date Written
Absolutely Lovely. Rome, Italy January 09, 2012
Kind of a shame... Vatican City, Europe January 09, 2012
Worth every penny Rome, Italy January 09, 2012
Not worth the crowds. Rome, Italy January 07, 2012

Stories and Tips by Red Mezz

Name Destination Date Written
The brilliant little cafes of the Prati area Vatican City, Europe January 09, 2012
Visiting the Vatican Vatican City, Europe January 09, 2012
The experience of Rome... Rome, Italy January 05, 2012
Uisghe Beatha - The Water of Life Dufftown, Scotland November 16, 2011

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More About Red Mezz

I travel because...
I've got wandering feet...
I love to travel to...
Anywhere new. I like the different light you find in different places - the smells and the general feel of the air when you step off the plane somewhere new - and I love to take my time at each place and soak it in once I'm there.
I never forget to pack...
my journal, a book, music, my boots and a good hat.
My weirdest travel habit is...
Im surprised to realize how difficult this was to narrow down to just one - as I do have a little festival of odd travel habits that I partake in. But probably the most odd is that everywhere I go I tend to take a photo of my bare feet enjoying the area.
It's my dream to travel to...
At the moment I'm desperate to get to Mongolia - though my destination of choice does change just about as often as the seasons. I'm very keen to get to Africa - starting with South Africa but also Tanzania. Argentina is very high on my list, and more and more I'm feeling the pull to experience Japan. Closer to home I'm really looking forward to exploring Iceland, Norway, Prague, much more of Italy and more of central Spain.
When I'm not traveling...
I write, I read, I ride (horses and bikes, depending on what is available) I hike and I climb, and I take endless photographs.