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Devizes, United Kingdom

The oldest one of them all, "travel broadens the mind", how true is that?

About Me: I work in the paper industry and am pleased to say that following a couple of traumatic years during which anything that could go wrong, DID go wrong, work has now settled back down again.

I now live in Salisbury, a lovely historic town in the south of the county. I still visit Greece as often as possible and have recently returned from a trip to Athens,

Trip Journals by GB from Devizes

Name Destination Date Created
A Trip of Discovery Through the Vale of Pewsey Wiltshire, England October 30, 2007
The Second City Revisited - Chicago in the Spring Chicago, Illinois June 14, 2007
Oak Park - Home-from-home for a Travelling Brit Oak Park, Illinois November 20, 2006
A Brit hits the Windy City - the 2006 Igougo get-together Chicago, Illinois October 12, 2006

Reviews by GB from Devizes

Name Destination Date Written
A Day's Driving in the World's Fastest Cars United Kingdom, Europe December 14, 2007
St Ives - the most beautiful fishing town in Cornwall? Cornwall, England September 12, 2007
Men-an-Tol Cornwall, England September 11, 2007
The Nine Maidens of Boskednan Cornwall, England September 10, 2007

Stories and Tips by GB from Devizes

Name Destination Date Written
Stop # 5 - Stonehenge, End of the Line Salisbury, England January 10, 2008
Stop # 4 Imber - Ghost Village of the Plain Salisbury, England January 10, 2008
Stop # 3 Shrewton - the Sheriff's Town Salisbury, England January 10, 2008
Stop # 2Tilshead - a Village Made of Flint Salisbury, England January 10, 2008

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I travel because...
I get itchy feet if I don't take at least one major foreign trip per year. I love experiencing new cultures, meeting wonderful people and being at one with their country
I love to travel to...
mingle with the locals, enjoy the food, soak up the atmosphere and explore the sights
I never forget to pack...
camera, notepad, guide book
My weirdest travel habit is...
can't think of any really....
It's my dream to travel to...
Cape Town, Jerusalem, New Zealand
When I'm not traveling...
I'm writing about travelling
I also travel online at...
various websites, predominently those with a Greek flavour