Yunnan Journals

Trekking the Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan, China

An October 2006 trip to Yunnan by TwoIdiots

Owner of Naxi Family Guesthouse Photo, Yunnan, China More Photos
Quote: This is an account of our two day trek in Tiger Leaping Gorge (Hutiao Xia).
Owner of Naxi Family Guesthouse Photo, Yunnan, China
Day 1 – Taking It EasyOne early morning in the second week of October, we took a northbound bus from Lijiang and asked the driver to let us out at Qiaotou. A small group of touts awaited us at Qiaotou bus stop offering guide service and horse back riding. We finished lunch at one of the simple restaurants nearby, and headed towards the upper trail. Since the trail was used by both men and horses, the path had been churned into a muddy mess in the recent rain. At one point, we had mud (mixed with horse s**t) up to our shin. It was fun though, just had to make sure we didn’t fall into it! After two hours of moderate uphill walking, we arrived at Naxi Family Guesthouse, and our ...Read More