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Trekking the Khumbu in Nepal

An October 2007 trip to Khumbu by TwoIdiots

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Quote: 14 days of hiking on the trail towards Everest

Trekking the Khumbu in Nepal


Chicken in Phadking Photo, Nepal, Asia
The most exciting trek we have ever done. We flew into Lukla and started our trek from there. Since we are not mountain climbers, we walked as far as our legs could take us. We found beauty not only in the mountain scenery, but also in the villages.

Quick Tips:

We did our trek in 14 days but many people did the same route in 10. Our advise is to take your time, not only because of the danger of altitude sickness, but because of the beautiful scenery all around us.

Best Way To Get Around:

If you have limited amount of time, fly to Lukla and start the trek from there.

Trekking the Khumbu Valley

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Bakery at Namche Photo, Khumbu, Nepal
After watching so many films about Mt. Everest and the Himalayas, we were very excited to be actually here in Nepal. On October 11th, we flew to Lukla and started our trek in the Khumbu region. Our destination? Kala Pattar at 18192 feet (5545m). We spent our first night at Phakdin. Day 2, we headed towards Namche Bazaar, the trail was rocky and the steps were very steep for short people like us. While we were huffing and puffing up the mountain with trekking poles in hands, the Sherpas were singing and whistling along the way with some wearing only tank tops and flip flops. Namche at 11280 feet (3440m) elevation was a bustling mountain village with everything you need for a trek, from backpa...Read More