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A June 2007 trip to Grand Cayman by bward65

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Like most of the Caymans, this restaurant is a little pricey but it was more than worth it. Deckers is located across the street from the Hilton hotel and we simply walked across the street after a night dive. Tuesday night is all-you-can-eat lobster and many patrons were indulging. We passed on the lobster instead ordering a calamari appetizer and sea bass. Both were phenomenal. The only reason I'm even entering this journal is because this place was too good not to share.

To warn you of a not so good place, stay away from the Lobster Pot. To sum it up quickly, I'd call it over priced and over cooked. It is near the port where the cruise ships dock and must cater to foolish tourists.

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We chartered 3 two-tank dives and a night dive with Red Sail Sports. I would recommend them to anyone because they were professionals and knew what they were doing. They were more than happy to guide you around on any of the dives or let you go on your own after the first dive. They wanted to evaluate your ability before letting anyone venture away. The highlight of the trip was our visit to Stingray City (not the sandbar). We were the only boat in the area and had tons of interaction with the stingray as well as a moray eel. I was a little disappointed with the night dive because of the small number of fish but all in all, it was a good trip. The north wall was fascinating because we were div...Read More

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