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Bhutan. Beware Tour Operators

Posted by Dntfckwitme on March 20, 2009

Do NOT use Bhutan Norphel Tours & Treks as your tour operator in Bhutan. Their service is entirely unsatisfactory. They have hidden charges, charge above the government rate without justification, show a general lack of transparency and documentation, and communicate their services and intentions poorly. Very unprofessional.

Travel to Bhutan is a daunting task as one has to choose from over 235 "approved" agents. Payment is through the government but there is no guarantee of the quality or implementation of service. In fact, the Tourist Council of Bhutan has no legal authority to insure "approved" agents deliver services that meet any standard of quality. Be very careful when booking an agent in Bhutan. Only book with an agent that's been directly recommended by a reputable source. Do NOT rely solely on the "approved" government list. Be warned – when traveling to Bhutan you must pre-pay your entire trip and if you are not happy you will forfeit everything regardless.

Reply by syav on October 12, 2012

i have a major complaint about a tour guide I recently had in Bhutan - what recourse do I have?

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