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Umbrellas to Zeppe - A Bhutan A to Z

Written by koshkha on 19 Jul, 2009

~ U is for umbrellas ~We didn't get so much as a sniff of rain but we saw lots of umbrellas - all carried by ladies shielding themselves from the sun. Lest you are tempted to insist that these are parasols and should be under…Read More

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Permits to Tiger's Nest - A Bhutan A to Z

Written by koshkha on 19 Jul, 2009

~ P is for Permits ~Another reason you'll need to have a guide is that your local tour company is responsible for getting your permits. Almost everything worth seeing in Bhutan is barred to tourists unless they have a permit. You'll notice your guide fumbling…Read More

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Knees to OAPs - A Bhutan A to Z

Written by koshkha on 19 Jul, 2009

~ K is for knees ~As a result of the men wearing the Gho, you will probably see more male knees in Bhutan than almost anywhere else and will almost certainly never see a lady's knees. I'm told that - like a true Scotsman -…Read More

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4WD to Jumolhari - A Bhutan A to Z

Written by koshkha on 19 Jul, 2009

~F is for Four Wheel Drive ~The roads of Bhutan are shocking. We were only in the relatively well-developed west of the country but even so we bumped and bounced, swayed and swung for hours to get any where. Take some travel sickness tablets -…Read More

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Archery to Ema Datse - A Bhutan A to Z

Written by koshkha on 19 Jul, 2009

I suspect that a lot of people haven't even heard of this tiny Himalayan kingdom and that would be fair enough. Don't beat yourself up if you don't know Bhutan - most people can't find it on a map so you're not alone. Bhutan is…Read More

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The Gentle Attractions of Mothithang Hill

Written by koshkha on 01 Feb, 2009

The centre of Thimphu town lies in a flat river valley but you can't go far before you hit the hills again. And as you might expect for any city with hills, there's always a favourite viewpoint where tourists go to look down on the…Read More

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Tortoises and Goblins in Paro Valley

Written by koshkha on 29 Jan, 2009

I don't think that Dungtse Temple was supposed to be on our itinerary for Paro so we were lucky to get to see it as a quick 'fill-in' for an already very busy day. Bhutanese tourism isn't known for its flexibility – in fact it's…Read More

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Getting to Know Daphne at the Paper Factory

Written by koshkha on 27 Jan, 2009

"Would you like to see the paper factory?" our guide asked us as we wandered around the tourist attractions of Thimphu, Bhutan's capital city. He'd clearly realised that all his attempts at the National Library to explain to us what sort of plants were used…Read More

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Introduction to Paro - the newest old town around

Written by koshkha on 25 Jan, 2009

Walking around the Bhutanese town of Paro, it's easy to be confused. Firstly it seems hard to believe that this rather tiny place is actually the second biggest town or city in the country and secondly, you can get confused about which century you've found…Read More

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Paro Airport - Famously Scary

Written by koshkha on 18 Jan, 2009

Paro Airport is the only airport in the small Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan and is renowned as one of the world's most scary airports for landings. Only eight pilots worldwide are qualified to land at Paro but I'm really pleased that I didn't know that…Read More

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