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Interpreters - Chinese to English for Business Meetings

Posted by Chuckigan on March 17, 2010

Has anyone hired an interpreter in Shanghai for business meetings? I am looking for an English/Chinese interpreter for 2 days of meetings.

Reply by Joe yang on April 17, 2010

yeah `what kind of qualifications that you require~I have done many conference interpretations for government leaders and businessman in chengdu. Cell phone :+86 13980985907


Reply by elisabeth84 on May 03, 2010

Cell Phone: 0086 - 135 2780 8198

Hi there, I am Elisabeth working as a Business Coordinator & Representative, Interpreter, Chinese teacher in Guangzhou China. With two years working experience as an Inward Investment officer at the Western Embassy. Also I've been working on different projects for leading International companies. From Chinese Companies / Government to Forbes 500 Companies ( Eaton US, Coca Cola, Prudential, Tetra Pak, HuaWei, ZTE) to the Commercial department & Foreign Affairs department at the British Government, Canadian Government, and US Government. Travelling internationalize included UK, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Russia. Provides practical assistance to International companies establishing and expanding business in China, also provide business opportunities, expert trade advice and support the companies to internationalize and grow their business in Guangzhou, China.

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