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What preparation should I have before I attend the shanghai exposition?


Posted by freetrekker on November 05, 2009

Hey guys,

My family and i are intending to participate in the GRAND event next year, the shanghai expo 2010, i have a question wanna some advice ,

What preparation should I have before I attend the exposition?

Hope i would recieve a reply soon!

Thanks ya

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Reply by Chris Allen on November 10, 2009

For Shanghai Expo eh? Well... most important is Money. You don't have to bring so many cash. Just few hundreds RMB and a Visa Card. If you like, you can also bring dollars and change it in the bank.

As for clothes, weather in Shanghai is not rather temperate. Thin clothes are okay. Make sure bring the umbrella with you too. It may rain there.

Of course, the camera, very useful to save memories during the tirp. :)


Reply by englishfan on January 11, 2010

If you take part in shanghai expo 2010, you should reserve shanghai hotels in advance.
Then, I can recommend a shanghai hotel booking site:

Then plan a shanghai tour for you schedule.

Other things: the clothes, umbrella, video, camera, medicine, etc....

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