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Posted by christophe.churchill on June 02, 2009

What the best time to visit North Vietnam & China?

Reply by halybene on June 10, 2009

hello Churchill,
when you should travel to Vietnam and China? i suggest you can start your trip from September to the March of next year. the weather at that time is very cool and warm. it is also time for traditional festival so that you can have chance to discover culture of 2 countries. Moreover, the scenery will make you fantastic especially Halong bay in vietnam.
have a good trip


Reply by lecochinchine on May 25, 2011

Hi !

Good time to visit both Vietnam and China should be around Oct to April
when the weather is mild and moderate. You could start up from Hanoi and
travel up to Sapa mountain and cross the border to China. Alternatively you could catch up
the train journey through Northern Vietnam to Beijing.

You can always make your trip to Central and South Vietnam later on, possibly combine
South Vietnam & Cambodia with the boat cruise from Saigon to Angkor 7day trip.

Have fun!

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