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Posted by Queen11 on August 21, 2010

I would like to highly recommend Le Caire Travel in Egypt.
Mr. George did an excellent job of arranging tours to meet our personal needs. He replied to all e-mails promptly and efficiently.
We had read excellent reviews of Le Caire Travel extensive tours of Egypt, but because we were on a cruise, we toured with them one day in Alexandria and one day in Cairo, Memphis, and Sakkara.

I had always wanted to see the pyramids, and they exceeded my expectations. It is amazing how they were built so many thousands of years ago using only rudimentary tools.

Each of the limestone stones is as tall as a person and weighs several tons. Supposedly, there is enough stone to encircle France with a 1-by-3-meter fence. The three pyramids are all impressive.

My guide booked a camel ride for me near the pyramids. What fun!

Alexandria was spectacular. We saw all the usual things, but the highlight was actually going inside of the new Alexandria Library. Most tours only drive by it, but inside it is spectacular and the exhibits are worthwhile. This is the largest library in the world and the main space is incredibly large and beautiful.

Our guide was outstanding. I taught ancient Egyptian history in public school, but I learned so much more!

I would recommend Le Caire Travel to anyone thinking of planning a trip to Egypt.


Reply by Roni11 on October 08, 2010

Hi. We're two couples who have booked through Le Caire Travel for our tour in last Sep. We are celebrating a 60th birthday. We were recommended to them by someone who had just returned from Egypt who was extremely impressed by this company. We got quotes from 3 different companies, and as well as being recommended, Le Caire Travel was also the cheapest.
They were helpful from the word go, and were always quick with a response to our queries. Their Guides whilst we were there were a joy, and so knowledgeable, they made the Egyptian history come to life.
I don't know if they are the cheapest, and I don't care, they worked well on our behalf and were worth every penny we paid for our holiday.

Nani & Rodi

Reply by crystaltravel on April 19, 2013

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Reply by mkeylianos on August 13, 2013

Me too, I want to experience wonderful trip in Egypt. Maybe by next year if my time will be free, Since your posting great experience in that place, Now I have an Idea were I go. So do keep posting Idea here Guys. Thank You.

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