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Regina Beach Resort in Hurghada, Egypt

Posted by Sharon Cobb on January 22, 2010

I purchased the above Cruise & Resort Vacation and traded my week for the Regina Beach Resort in Hurghada, Egypt.
The reason why people would consider membership in any organization such as RCI is:
1) Security – you want to feel SAFE
2) Cleanliness – acceptable standards of hygiene
3) At least the basic form of luxury.
As a RCI member for many years, I expected a certain level of accommodations above that of a rat hole that also puts my safety at risk. I also expected integrity and honesty from the resort I was book.
The first room the Regina Beach Resort wanted to put me in was 1104. This room lacked the ability to lock the door; the ability to lock the window and anyone from the outside could enter at any time. The soap provided in the room had already been used by prior guests, the sheets were used, bed unmade, no toilet paper, no phone that worked.

After I made such demands to fix those things, then put me in 1105. This room after someone worked on the door that refused to lock finally became workable and would secure the room. The window did lock. The phone would not work either, so they brought another phone. They brought toilet paper; they changed the sheets on the bed. The sheets they put on the bed were so used that the cotton fibers had rolled up into tiny knobs that acted like sand paper on the skin. Never was their a “roller” that the paper could be placed on, so one had to remember to bring the paper from the sink area to the toilet for use. The shower was so filthy that I spread the newspaper from one of my souvenirs purchases that had been wrapped around the purchase for shipping onto the shower floor so I would not get some type of foot fungus. The toilet did not work and you had reach into the back of the tank and pull the flush mechanism by hand to flush it. The 4 plates, 4 forks, no spoons, no bowls, or no coffee cups were so bad, that I used the items that I bought as souvenirs to eat from rather than use theirs. Prior people had also used the soap, but thank GOD, I had brought my own soap.

Other than being homeless, I cannot imagine a worse accommodation.
Now comes the subject of the people: The people behind the counter (hotel staff) were dressed in nasty filthy uniforms that could have been washed about 6 weeks ago then worn out in the desert for a month.


Reply by nofootprint on February 07, 2010

We stayed at the Royal Azur. It was very clean with wonderful facilities and great food .
So sorry for your terrible time but maybe you will save others from making the same mistake!

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