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Egypt Trip - Need your advise!

Posted by Irfan Khan on November 17, 2009

I am planning a trip with my wife to Egypt from Dec 24 - Jan 7. I would like your advise on my itinerary for the second part of my trip, modes of transportation (intra-flights, fast rail etc), recommendations for hotels, where to book them and travel tips. Here is my planned itinerary.

Cairo (Dec 24 - 27) - 3 nights (Giza, local sight seeing)
Aswan (Dec 27 - 30) - 3 nights (Friends wedding, local stuff)
Nile Cruise (Dec 30 - Jan 2) - Aswan to Luxor

Pending Planning: Part 2 of itinerary
I was planning to go from Luxor to Sharm El-Sheikh on Jan 2nd with an earlier flight (2am - 6am). Spend a day in Sharm, then go to St. Catherine for the early morning hike to Mt.Sinai then return to Sharm on Jan 3rd afternoon. Spend a night in Sharm and catch a flight to Alexandria on Jan 4th. Plan to spend 1.5 days in Alexandria and fly out to Cairo in the morning on Jan 6th. Spend a day in Cairo and then head to airport for 4am flight on Jan 7th.

Questions for you:
1) We would like to rest after a early flight from Luxor to Sharm (Jan 2), will we be able to check in to a hotel at 7am? What budget hotel do you recommend? How do we book it?
2) I hear there are 1:30am tours that depart from Sharm for Mt.Sinai for the hike. Do you recommend taking that tour from Sharm or do you recommend staying the Jan 3rd evening at St.Catherine to catch the early morning hike to Mt.Sinai? I hear that the Monestary is closed on Fri and Sun, that is very unfortunate since I will only be able to go to St. Catherine on Jan 3rd. I am assuming we can still hike Mt.Sinai even though the monestary will be closed. I feel like if i go with a tour from Sharm to Mt.Sinai it will be easier to get back to Sharm instead of arranging for transportation. Your thoughts?
3) Not sure if i have to come back to Sharm to go to Alexandria, i think I have to since it is a busy spot with airport. I am not sure if there are other fast transports othe than airlines. I was planning to take a plane to Alexandria. I would like to get your recommendations for hotel in Alexandria and things to see.
4) I noticed that Egypt Air is the only airline that flies internally to Egypt, so they have the monopoly. Is there a way to book cheaper flights? I was thinking of having an agent book flights internally for me than me doing it from here. Looks like it might be cheaper for locals than foreigners. Your thoughts?
5) Would like tips for traveling in Egypt, your wisdom will be very insightful for us. Thanks!

Kind Regards,

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Reply by campbellkid on November 23, 2009

I traveled to Egypt in March of 2006 with two buddies. Since it was just three guys going on an adventure we stayed in hostels and did everything on our own without tour groups. The best advice i can give for you and your wife is to do your homework on the cultural differences in a muslim country like Egypt. learn what offends people, for example be sure to dress very modest, especially your wife, basically no exposed shoulders or legs. Learn some basic words like please, thank you, goodbye, hello, yes, no, etc.. Everything is negotiable so have fun with it. Bring your own tissue when away from your hotel. Have patience with touts and just repeat "La Shokran" ( no thank you) as you continue walking and never say that it is your first time in Egypt so as not to appear like a rookie. I noticed you are planning on flying from Alexandria to Cairo? You can take a train from Alex. to Cairo for aprox. 5 usd and its only a couple hours if i remember correctly. Egypt was my first foreign vacation and i don't think I'll ever top it so enjoy! I traveled to Cairo,Saqqara,Luxor and Alexandria on a very limited budget, if you have any more questions just ask and I'll do my best.


Reply by campbellkid on November 23, 2009

In Alexandria things to see are The Roman Theater, Kom El-Shuqafa Monuments/Pillar of Pompei, and there is also Catacombs you can explore, not sure what they are called but worth checking out. You should be able to find these things online for more info. I only spent one day in Alex. which I thought was enough, we left for Cairo after watching the spectacular sunset on the coast. The catacombs were kind of hard to find but we were walking so maybe a cab driver would be easier although walking the streets is unforgettable and safe. One more tip, a little baksheesh (tip) goes a long way in Egypt. We got access to closed areas many times by offering gaurds a couple of pounds when other tourists weren't watching.

Reply by ExodusTravels on December 11, 2009

Wonderful place to visit- you'll have a great time!
Have to recommend:
- trekking in the Sinai- amazing scenery
- a Nile cruise
- Abu Simble- spectacular temple
- Karnak and Luxor temples
- El Gouna- relaz and swim in the Red Sea, it's literally crystal clear
- Pyramids

If you need any more tips, Exodus do go there:

Have a fantastic time!

Reply by susannah almeida on April 01, 2010

hi buy the lonely planet egypt tells u every think u need to know ,hostel world also for places but u get places to stay in the book any way cairo is a busy city have been there alot with work and holiday u can go to the pyramids in half day just get a taxi there and one back don tlet them wait agree a price first, its a long long day if u land in cairo and leave next day at 4 for airport would get a room out of lonely planet so u have a base u can get a bus or train to airport but it says in lp have fun susannah

Reply by susannah almeida on April 01, 2010

why don tu catch over night train from alexandra to cairo save on accomodation susannah


Reply by Tiasis on April 12, 2010

I enjoyed staying at St. Catherine's monastery overnight, though, the rooms are quite bare bones. However, after climing Mt. Sinai, I'm sure your body won't object. I slept like a baby!

I actually climb up in the afternoon to enjoy the sunset. I found walking back in the dark much easier that if I had to climb up in the light. Plus, that way, I got to take a shower right afterwards & hit the sack.

Reply by glennie28 on August 09, 2010

I'm an Aussie going to Egypt soon. Is it better to take Australian dollars, U.S. dollars and Egyptian pound.
I'm also going to Jordan. What do you recommend?
Thanks everyone

Reply by barlowcraig on October 19, 2010

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Reply by barlowcraig on October 19, 2010

Hello, Irfan khan
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