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Posted by Louissalo on March 30, 2009

I did not know there were travel forums here on Igougo, anyway, it is good to start.
We have been to Thailand many times for holidays including Phuket, so if you want to ask any questions or we can start some travel discussions it will be good now there is a Phuket Travel Forum here also

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Reply by Louissalo on April 13, 2009

It would be nice if other Igougo members would join in on these travel forums so we can swap ideas and suffestions for Phuket Thailand.

Reply by Louissalo on April 16, 2009

If you have visited Phuket for a holiday or you are planning on visiting there are a lot of photos on Igougo of Phuket. If you have visited you can add your photos and if you are planning a Phuket holiday you can see the photos. Phuket is very different now than it was even just a few years ago. So many tourists now visit Phuket.

Reply by Louissalo on April 19, 2009

You can find very cheap places to stay in Phuket, the most popular beach is Patong Beach. Kata beach and Karon, also Surin, Kamala and bangtao are popular. Many people go to Patong Phuket for the nightlife and shopping.
You can find some good tips for hotels and accommodation on Beachsiam for Phuket and also for Phi Phi and krabi which many people also visit when goping to Phuket. There are good lists of Phuket hotels and the special offers during the low season at all the hotels.


Reply by Rebecca.Dillard on July 24, 2009

Holiday in Phuket is really great. Can you tell me some other place for spending weekend coz I already traveled to this place?


Reply by garymarsh6 on October 13, 2009

Have just returned from Phuket (HKT). Our baggage was checked right through to HKT but at Bangkok we had to exit immigration then check in at the main check in desk also again on the return baggage checked in to LHR from HKT but we still had to go through immigration at BKK which I thought was absolutely daft as we were supposedly in transit.
We flew with BA and then with Thai international.

Piao Fu

Reply by Piao Fu on January 10, 2010

I dont see why so many western people are so fascinated by Phuket. I have been to Phuket once, and regretted the trip. It was a dreadful 5 days of having absolutely nothing to do in there, or decent to eat for that matter. Phuket Island is terribly dilapidated and completely out of sync with modernity and common decency. For example, Phuket town is completely dark and dead at night except for the rowdy bars and sex trade. Better for westerners to head down to cosmopolitan Singapore , enjoy the real Asian culture mix which is now a new part of this wonderful island.

Reply by bearshaz on January 19, 2010

Sorry Piao Fu i could no disagree with you more!!!! I head back to Thailand for my 8th time in 2 weeks. While this time we are not actully going to Phuket it has been part of 6 other trips & i am booked to spend 10 days there in Aug 2010. The people are amazing the food is outstanding & there is plenty to do, even doing nothing watching the world go by is entertaining.


Reply by runawaygourmet on August 02, 2010

In addition, you may want to visit Koh-Chang while you're in Thailand for a more nature-friendly experience. Go island hopping and enjoy the pristine waters around the beautiful isles near Koh-Chang. Perfect for an adventure trip with friends or with the whole family!


Reply by Maximilian01 on August 16, 2010

some other place for spending weekend in Phuket

Thalang National Museum
Phuket Fantasea
Hat Karon & Hat Kata
Ko Sireh

Beaches - Patong Beach, Karon Beach, Kata Beach

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