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Landour and beyond

Created by phileasfogg on November 22, 2012 Best of IgoUgo

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Mussoorie is very touristy. In contrast, neighbouring Landour is quieter, more old-fashioned, and with a charm that Mussoorie lacks. Reviews of some of Landour’s attractions, and some places a little further out.

Mussoorie: Jaded Queen of the Hills

Created by phileasfogg on November 12, 2012 Best of IgoUgo

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Established in the early 1800s by the British, Mussoorie is known as the ‘Queen of the Hills’. An ironic epithet, since the charm that once made Mussoorie so popular has been considerably diminished because of the decades of irresponsible tourism. Still, Mussoorie has its moments.

Eating and Sleeping in Mussoorie

Created by phileasfogg on October 29, 2012 Best of IgoUgo

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Even though it’s long been one of north India’s most popular weekend getaways (especially for the none-too-discerning), Mussoorie isn’t quite home to the best places to eat and sleep. Some reviews of the restaurants we visited, and the hotel we stayed at.

Break in the Hills...

Created by nanthakant on September 10, 2007

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Clean city...lovely view of Doon Valley and great food...

The Perfect Getaway

Created by ravishammi on September 12, 2005

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I would like to share my pleasant opinion on this mountain town. It never stops fascinating you.

Dhananjay K. Parkhe

Created by dhanpark on July 12, 2001

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Mussorie is a hill station in the Garhwal hills of Uttar Pradesh in India. It is approachable by Train and Bus from New Delhi. The nearest Airport is Palam- New Delhi. There is excellent train service to this hillstation from New Delhi railway station called "Shatabdi" express.

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