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Sisters Bazaar and Prakash Store

Written by phileasfogg on 22 Nov, 2012

Landour began in the early 1800s as a convalescence centre for British soldiers. Among those who played a major part in looking after the recuperating military men were nuns: the ‘sisters’. Landour has long since stopped being a place to recover and recuperate, and the…Read More

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Book Review: 'Mussoorie & Landour: Days of Wine & Roses'

Written by phileasfogg on 12 Nov, 2012

When I mentioned to a friend (who had just returned from a trip to Mussoorie) that I was headed there the following weekend, she insisted on lending me a book she’d bought during her trip. This was Mussoorie & Landour: Days of Wine & Roses,…Read More

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Walking down the Mall

Written by phileasfogg on 12 Nov, 2012

Nearly every Indian town that ever was occupied by the British (including Delhi itself) has a Mall. Mussoorie, too, is home to a Mall. In fact, the Mall is Mussoorie—at least touristy Mussoorie.The Mall is a long stretch that goes all the way from what…Read More

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Mussoorie: An Overview

Written by phileasfogg on 29 Oct, 2012

Mussoorie—named for a local plant, called mansur (Cororiana nepalensis)—was originally two settlements. On the east was Landour, established in 1827 as a convalescence centre for British soldiers. On the west, at a lower altitude, was Mussoorie itself, where the first huts had been built in…Read More

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Mooching in Mussoorie

Written by koshkha on 23 Nov, 2010

After our visit to the absurd Kempty Falls, the driver we'd hired for the day finally turned back and drove us to Mussoorie. We'd all been quite excited earlier in the day when we'd arrived in the town and then baffled that the driver had…Read More

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