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Trees and Rocks in Sardinia

Written by jo145 on 06 Sep, 2012

On our way back through Tempio Pausania we admired some fantastic rock formations. This is the main town of the Gallura region and an important centre for the cork industry. There is a wonderful pine forest here and nearby are thermal springs, as these have…Read More

Food for thought.

Written by jo145 on 30 Jul, 2012

Food and wine means a lot to me on holiday and we like to try local dishes. At the local pizzeria where we stayed you could order mixed fish which was superb with crayfish, octopus and cuttle fish to name a few, the Sea…Read More

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Things to do before you go and when you arrive

Written by jo145 on 27 Jul, 2012

Where is Sardinia? If you think of Italy and can imagine where Rome is, go to the west and slightly south, across the Tyrrhenian Sea and there it is below a smaller island called Corsica which belongs to France. Sardinia is almost rectangular in shape…Read More

Camping in the Bay of the Blue Turtle

Written by Praskipark on 05 Sep, 2008

For someone who isn't that keen on camping I seem to have been to a lot of sites in different places. Probably because it is one of the cheapest ways of staying in a country and seeing the world. As we were in Corsica we…Read More

Cagliari town

Written by perrytoo on 17 Mar, 2002

A fine city, in the north Italian style, with monumental arcades along the harbour and picturesque hills rising on all sides behind the town. Just big enough to justify getting to grips with the bus system, which is frequent and efficient (77 cents for…Read More

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Flora and Fauna of Sardegna

Written by UK Flower Girl on 10 Feb, 2004

Sardegna is an amazing place to view the flora and fauna. For such a small place, it is surprisingly diverse. This is due to the diversity of the land itself. Sardegna ranges from the coastal plains and marshes all the way to…Read More

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Motoring in Sardegna: Things you need to know about getting around

Written by UK Flower Girl on 10 Feb, 2004

You can read guidebooks and ask questions, but you really don't know how it is going to be until you get there and have the experience for yourself. My husband and I read a couple of different guidebooks for general information and we asked around…Read More

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Nuraghi: Ancient Towers on the Sardinian Landscape

Written by UK Flower Girl on 10 Feb, 2004

There are over 7000 nuraghi in Sardegna. Once you see one, you will start noticing them everywhere. These truncated cones were built thousands of years ago (1800-500 B.C.) and there is little known about their builders. Nuraghi are stone towers built with huge stones…Read More

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The Search (A Story)

Written by sarah date on 25 Jan, 2001

The main newspaper for Sardegna is called L’Unione Sarda and I will never again be able to see that title without smiling. One evening as my friend and I were sipping a Campari at a café in Cagliari, we struck up a conversation with…Read More

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The Top Coast & Beaches

Written by sarah date on 25 Jan, 2001

Driving up to the top left corner of the island, toward Capo Falcone, we passed through countryside that incongruously reminded me of the sweeping heartland of Scotland – wide expanses of low heather and scrub ending at the base of impressive rocky mountains. This…Read More

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