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A Real Homestay

Written by fallschirmhosen on 03 May, 2010

Outside of hotels in Tajikistan, it is very much possible to arrange homestays as well. Local tourism groups can help arrange these, and you will get to spend a night in a local family's house, as other tourists have done in the past.…Read More

Hiring a Local Guide

Written by fallschirmhosen on 03 May, 2010

One thing you will find throughout Tajikistan is an immense spirit of hospitality. As much as you may want someone to help you out in any way possible, there is often someone right there who will be able to do so, often for no…Read More

Transport Between Dushanbe and Khorog

Written by fallschirmhosen on 03 May, 2010

There is basically only two ways to get from Dushanbe to Khorog: fly or drive. Obviously, flying is the fastest of the two options, taking about an hour (as compared to the minimum 17 hour car ride). Each option has their pros and…Read More

Drinking Coffee in Dushanbe

Written by kachevnik on 10 Jun, 2006

In 2003, I used to live in Tajikistan, working for an international organization. I had been there for several months already and spent a lot of time driving around the countryside on nearly unpassible and very dusty roads in a small, Russian-made car called a…Read More

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Tajikistan... What's There to Do?

Written by byuistheshiz on 13 Nov, 2006

I would certainly not recommend a friend visit Tajikistan. I recently spent five weeks living in Tajikistan. I rented an apartment in the capitol city Dushanbe. I took a few two or three day trips to the other major cities of the country and extensively…Read More

A Basic Introduction to Information on Tajikistan

Written by izobel on 29 Nov, 2003

One of the main barriers seems to be the lack of information on Tajikistan on the Net. However, there are numerous pages offering travel and other information. Links to helpful webpages for would-be visitors to Tajikistan: www.asiaplus.tajnet.com Asia Plus, a privately owned local weekly newspaper, with general…Read More

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Fan Mountains

Written by Sensai on 21 Sep, 2010

The Fan Mountains in the Zerafshan Vallley are among the most attractive tourist areas in Tajikistan. They are situated in the north-west of the country, between the Hissar and Zerafshan ranges, west of the Anzob pass…Read More

Coffee in Dushanbe 2009

Written by kevchef on 10 Dec, 2009

Only two decent places for a cafe latte or capucino.Morning Star cafe - Good coffee, surprisingly good pastries and always a few expats. My favorite place for a egg and cheese croisant on a Saturday morningCafe Sigafredo's - London, Paris, Miami and yes - DushanbeYou'd…Read More

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