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Fan Mountains

Fan Mountains  Photo, Tajikistan, Asia

The Fan Mountains in the Zerafshan Vallley are among the most attractive tourist areas in Tajikistan. They are situated in the north-west of the country, between the Hissar and Zerafshan ranges, west of the Anzob pass and are often called "land of lakes", as they contain 30 lakes of a variety of colours. Here one can see the mysterious legendary Iskander Kul, the lake of Alexander the Great; the amazingly colourful Alaudin lakes; the wonderful Big Allo lakes, and lakes kulikalon hidden in the innaccesible narrow Zindon (in English it will be "Jail") valley, eleven peaks, all over 5,000 meters, protect the beaty af the area . The highest of them: Chimtarga (5489m) , b.Ganza (5330m), Bodkhona (5300m), Chapdara (5050m), Zamok (5070), and Mirali (5120m) I waliking around Fan Mountain for 1week and i'll never forget this trip. I strongly reccomended to Visit Fan Mountain it is very beatiful place. If you have any question please ask me or visit www.tdc.tj

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