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Behold the Behemoth - Snorkeling with Whale Sharks

Written by Prosperine on 07 Jul, 2010

If viewing marine life is always a highlight on your vacations, you will have memories of a lifetime swimming with the largest fish species in the world - the whale shark. whale sharks vary in length many ranging from 10 feet to 30 feet;…Read More

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Villa Kiin Hotel

Written by El Gallo on 18 Dec, 2007

There are lots more expensive hotels on Isla. Like Na Balam across the street, for instance, where you can shell out $300 a night. Or spas in the South End that swaddle you in serenity and ectasy. But if price was…Read More

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Isla de Gelato

Written by El Gallo on 18 Dec, 2007

Your bopping around the tropics, you need some ice cream. QED. But it doesn't have to be just a matter of need, like that. Let's discuss it like connoisseurs. Boulevardiers. Appreciators of the finer things life offers. And a great…Read More

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Silencio en Isla Mujeres

Written by beach_lvr on 01 Oct, 2004

Once again, we found ourselves on yet another week’s adventure in Cancun. Finding ourselves getting a bit old for the Cancun crowd, we realized that the shrill sound of the whistles being blown at the pool by Cancun hotel activities directors were getting to be…Read More

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Getting Around the Island

Written by jrheimbach on 20 Mar, 2004

Taxi Cabs can be found from almost anywhere downtown and lined up at the beaches and tourist sites on the other end of the island. As with many taxi drivers, confirm the rate before getting into the vehicle. We found the rates very reasonable, with drivers…Read More

Tales of Brave Gelati

Written by El Gallo on 15 Dec, 2000

You thought the leaden winter would bring you down forever But you rode upon a steamer to the islands of the sun... You see a girl's brown body flashing through the turquoise Carving deep blue ripples in the tissues of your mind... With tales of Brave Ulysses, how his…Read More

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Around downtown

Written by tbvisuals on 30 Jan, 2003

The downtown area of Isla Mujeres, located on the north end of the island, is the center for shopping, dining, and lodging. There are dozens of shops and restaurants in an area roughly four blocks by six blocks. Everything downtown is within walking distance, and…Read More

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Getting to Isla - The ferry ride over

Written by tbvisuals on 29 Jan, 2003

For those of us not used to travel by boat, even the ferry ride was a fun experience. From the Cancun airport you can either take a taxi or shuttle van to Puerto Juarez, just north of Cancun proper for the ferry ride to Isla…Read More

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New Year's Eve on Isla Mujeres

Written by unorthodox traveler on 22 Dec, 2000

We were fortunate to spent New Year's Eve on Isla Mujeres. Mexicans really celebrate this festive event and focus their celebration around their Catholic faith and their church, which is located in the center of the town square. The first, obvious thing you notice is…Read More


Written by El Gallo on 30 Mar, 2001

FEAST OF FLESH, FAST OF ASHES Carnival on Isla Mujeres is pretty small frijoles compared to the monster bashes of Veracruz and Mazatlan--not to mention the world-class blowouts in Rio, New Orleans, and Venice. It's more a family affair, like an old fashioned, small town,…Read More

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