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Age Range: 50-59  |  Joined: February 2005

Mandeville, Louisiana

About Me: I work part time and my husband works a full time, demanding, stressful job. We feel it is important for our health and well-being to take a nice vacation at least once a year, sometimes twice, depending on our situation. We both love to travel and to escape and relax. We have wanderlust and would love to travel all over if we could. But we definitely make the must of our travel budget and believe firmly in vacation!!!!!!!!!! We have no kids, but we do have two boxer dogs that we love just as if they were our kids. We sometimes like to seek out places that will accept our dogs too, and sometimes we like to just get away by ourselves while our good friend keeps our fur babies.

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I love to travel to...
Mexico, Belize, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, Maine, Bermuda
It's my dream to travel to...
Bora Bora, Europe, Alaska Cruise, Train trip across America, European Cruise,