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"Miss, Miss, Do you know Cristiano Ronaldo?"

Written by koshkha on 29 Mar, 2009

Iran has plenty of mosques and almost all of them are pretty spectacular. By the time we got to the Jami Mosque in Yazd we'd only seen two other mosques, neither of which was particularly typical of the Persian architectural style. The massive and as…Read More

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Feathers and Fire at the Atashkadeh

Written by koshkha on 29 Mar, 2009

Zoroastrians believe that fire is pure and sacred and must be preserved and protected along with water. The place where Zorastrians go to worship is called the Fire Temple or Atashkadeh which means literally the 'House of Fire'. There are nearly 20 fire temples in…Read More

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Shhhhh - all Quiet for the Towers of Silence

Written by koshkha on 28 Mar, 2009

I've been intrigued about Zoroastrianism for a long time and I think it's fair to say that one aspect of this fascinating religion that excites the most morbid interest for many people is the way in which Zoroastrians dispose of their dead. Since fire is…Read More

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Desert life & Zoroastrianism - the Ancient City of Yazd

Written by koshkha on 28 Mar, 2009

It's my guess that you are probably NOT thinking 'Hmm, Yazd, that sounds familiar' because to date I don't think I've met anyone who hasn't been to Iran (or thought of going) who's even heard of this fabulous city. It might ring some bells if…Read More

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