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Magical Place Called Colombia

Written by gwynethmarta on 13 Nov, 2008

Country of the Happiest People in the WorldWhen I look at the travel brochures and sites offering exotic trips to South America, I see Brazil, Argentina and Peru. Almost none of them mentions Colombia. As a person who has lived in Colombia for two years,…Read More

High Weirdness

Written by CaptainChaos on 18 Feb, 2001

Just outside of town in the Northern Suburbs is a great nightclub. I believe the name is Caliente. The club is half indoors, under a thatched roof, and half open to the sky. A really nice place to dance, and it seems like everyone in…Read More

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Using Bus Transport

Written by Kiryo on 15 May, 2006

On the Road in ColombiaLocation: I have no recollection!As many readers probably fear traveling to Colombia for obvious safety concerns, I am tempting fate here by posting some of my observations in regards to my safety while in transit.Leaving a copy of my passport at…Read More

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Walking Santa Catalina

Written by Kiryo on 03 Mar, 2007

Santa Catalina IslaAbout 100 meters due north of Providencia’s town floats Santa Catalina Isla. To get there one needs to cross El Puente de los Enamorados (Lovebird’s Bridge). Maybe its named so due to the necessity to occasionally lend a helping hand to your significant…Read More

The Colombian coast: Tayrona, Santa Marta, El Rodadero, Barranquilla, Cartagena

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 03 Dec, 2006

I have visited the Tayrona National Park, the city of Santa Marta, its beautiful beach at El Rodadero, the city of Barranquilla and the historical city of Cartagena. I know there are some real paradises further North, but I never had the chance to get there.…Read More

The Islands of San Andres and Providencia

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 29 Nov, 2006

San Andres is a tiny island that has only ten square miles, and a population of 67,000 inhabitants. It is a free port, where you can buy practically anything, and this explains the delays in most flights, because Colombians come here to buy all sorts…Read More

Other cities in Colombia

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 21 Nov, 2006

I will start with some other destinations that are not so attractive, as Neiva and Barrancabermeja, and Villavicencio, cities with a torrid climate that I had to visit for business reasons (all along the Magdalena river) and will continue with another couple of beautiful spots…Read More

The Andes in Colombia

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 20 Nov, 2006

During a business trip to Colombia I had the beautiful experience of traveling on a taxi from Ibagué to Armenia through the Los Nevados National Park. There is a large variety of landscapes. Coffee plantations up in the mountain, the view of the Andes at…Read More

Nicer Side of Things (continued)

Written by cMilena80 on 31 Aug, 2006

4) It is not hot! Don't think that because it is in the "tropics" it will be warm. Bogota is the 3rd highest modern city in the Americas (after La Paz and Lima), and because it is in the Andes, it will be cold;  think…Read More

The Nightclub heaven

Written by CaptainChaos on 19 Feb, 2001

We jumped in the cab and told him to find us the best club around. He asked if we wanted girls, as most nightclubs in Colombia are really just whorehouses. We said we wanted girls but not ones we pay for. He looked at us…Read More

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