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The natives are getting restless! Taken from my Journal Saturday February 21,

Written by African Explorer on 03 Oct, 2000

6:00pm. Limpopo river Botswana. Today was an exciting day; we left early this morning from Johannesburg driving northwest to Gaborone. We followed a dirt road out of Gaborone heading northeast attempting to find a nice location along the Limpopo River for animal watching. After about two hours on…Read More

Afternoons with the Elephants

Written by Peregrine on 15 Apr, 2002

When we were rough-housing as kids, my mother used tell us we sounded like a herd of elephants. I doubt she realized the compliment. The eles (pronounced Ellie) we encountered were quiet, regal and stately. They stand and sway a bit.…Read More

Lazing on the Chobe River

Written by Peregrine on 15 Apr, 2002

We had a little bass boat to skim us along the Chobe River after lunch every day. First day out, we were barely past the Lodge grounds before we watched our first drama unfold. Three pied kingfishers took on a monitor lizard trying…Read More

The Dawn Patrol

Written by Peregrine on 15 Apr, 2002

My backside hitting the cold metal of the jeep’s seat did more to wake me up than coffee. One tends to think of Africa as hot. Well, it is in summer, but we were here in May (winter in the southern hemisphere) and…Read More

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Moremi Game Reserve

Written by Linda Hoernke on 18 Jun, 2007

From Maun we traveled 142km of dirt road in small 4WD safari Land Cruisers. We set up camp at the Xaxanaka area of the Moremi Game Reserve in the northeast section of the Okavango Delta. On the way to camp, we pass an old tractor…Read More

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Flight over Okavango Delta

Written by Linda Hoernke on 18 Jun, 2007

The Delta is one of Africa's last remaining wilderness regions of papyrus-lined waterways, floodplains, lagoons, forest glades, and savanna grasslands. Covering 6,000km², the area is pristine and untouched. We drove to the Maun airport where we boarded our flight over the delta. The Okavango is…Read More

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Written by Linda Hoernke on 18 Jun, 2007

The drive through Botswana to our camp at Dqae-Qare took us past remote villages, donkeys, and bright yellow flowers. Our camp is in the Kalahari on a game reserve owned by the Ncoakhoe people from the village of D’Kar. The camp site has many trees…Read More

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Chobe National Park

Written by Linda Hoernke on 18 Jun, 2007

Chobe National Park is the second largest national park in Botswana and covers 10,566km² with one of the highest concentrations of animals in Africa. The park is divided into four separate eco systems: the Serondela with its lush plains and forests, the Savuti Marsh,…Read More

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Safari Camping then Egypt

Written by Heynurse3 on 25 Feb, 2007

January 10, 2006, I started my adventure by taking multiple planes (Chicago-London-Johannesburg-Maun-Sandibe Lodge) the total time it took to get to my first destination was 30 hours. The last plane was an 8 seated prop plane. By the way the plane looked I would be…Read More

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All-Inclusive Travel Experience

Written by soleil17 on 30 Jan, 2005

If you have already been to a traditional land-based Big 5 reserve, try something new in the form of Jao Camp. I found that the staff at Jao really made the camp. The managers, Rebecca and Clinton, are down to earth, friendly, and truly hospitable,…Read More

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