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Stories and Tips Botswana

Visiting the Bushman tribes of the Kalahari.

Written by African Explorer on 03 Oct, 2000

This is not an adventure for the faint of heart...The roads are rough and the search for these nomadic tribes can be difficult, however if you can find the elusive bushman tribes, they will usually welcome you and allow you to enjoy their culture and…Read More

Fear, continued

Written by MEGGOYOUGO on 13 Oct, 2000

But we lived to tell the tale (the LONG, DRAWN OUT tale,' many of you are thinking). Despite Pilot's prediction I don't think I ended up coming out 'top lady.' I pretty much got the prize for nerves, and Dan, of course, got…Read More

Written by MEGGOYOUGO on 13 Oct, 2000

Pre-safari I was a RATIONAL animal, on safari I am a rational ANIMAL. Realizing that I'm actually one of them marks the difference between going to a zoo and going on safari. We all know about zoo viewing.…Read More

Intro to the trepidation

Written by MEGGOYOUGO on 13 Oct, 2000

Question: So what's a safari like anyway? Answer: full body sweat, complete paralyzation, dry mouth, heart beating even in the parts of my body they claim are dead - e.g. fingernails and hair. Not that I wasn't forewarned, mind you. The…Read More

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