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Written by lovethecaribbean on 25 May, 2010

The most gorgeous beaches and water in the Caribbean! And you can see from the pictures how uncrowded they are, which we loved.Maundays Bay- This was the beach at our hotel and our favorite. It was very uncrowded and gorgeous. And the…Read More

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Written by lovethecaribbean on 25 May, 2010

The restaurants on Anguilla were amazing. I know why they have such a good reputation now! We only had one bad meal the entire trip! Blue- We had continental breakfast here all but one morning. We preferred going to the restaurant…Read More

Great snorkeling and relaxing

Written by PatandCorinne on 05 Jan, 2003

There is great snorkeling in the reefs right off the shore at Shoal Bay. We saw lots of colorful parrotfish, sargeant major, conch, and so many other I have no idea what they're called. The visability was great. We also relaxed on the beach and…Read More

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Postcard perfect

Written by PatandCorinne on 05 Jan, 2003

Once at the beach, we could see why it's so famous. It's truly postcard perfect, with the softest, whitest sand, turqoise water, and swaying palm trees. While it was cloudy on St. Martin, the sky was clear here (no moutains to keep the moisture in).…Read More

Cab or car rental?

Written by PatandCorinne on 05 Jan, 2003

You have two options for getting around - either take a cab or rent a car. If you want to explore, rent a car for $45 a day, including a temporary license. Since we only wanted to go to Shaol Bay, we opted to take…Read More

Shoal Bay

Written by Klair on 17 Jun, 2005

Apparently this is one of the top-ten beaches in the world, and I can see why, with miles of white sand and blue-green water!! There is excellent snorkeling, and, again, you only have to be waist deep to see some fantastic tropical fish! When I…Read More

Little Bay

Written by Klair on 17 Jun, 2005

This is a beautiful little bay that is excellent for snorkelling. Even if you are waist deep, you can still see amazing fish! Sorry, I don’t know the names of the fish, but they were bright blue and yellow, with blue stripes. You get the…Read More

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Anguilla, Shoal Bay

Written by PatandCorinne on 05 Jan, 2003

We were staying on the nearby island of St. Maarten / St. Martin. We took a ferry from the French capital of Marigot at $20 round-trip. It took about 30 minutes. Why did we go? Everyone we talked to said Anguilla had the most beautiful…Read More

Junk's Hole Bay

Written by Klair on 16 Jun, 2005

Situated on the east, and therefore less touristy, part of the island, here you will find 2 miles of deserted beach. There is, again, crystal-clear water and white sandy beaches, plus a great place to eat nearby, Palm Grove Grill, where they serve lobster, the…Read More

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Written by querubin on 12 Sep, 2010

If you really want to get away from it all there is no better place than Anguilla! The views are breath taking and the service is excellent. Just a short ferry from the French Side of St. Martin and a short…Read More

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