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Here Come the Men in Black!

Written by koshkha on 22 Mar, 2009

They say that cameras never lie but most people would agree they have the power to mislead. How often have you seen television news coverage of what looks like an intimidating crowd of religious fanatics, their fists raised in the air, the eyes rolled back…Read More

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Getting the VIP Treatment at a Shrine in Tehran

Written by koshkha on 18 Mar, 2009

Throughout our tour of Iran we'd been in and out of mosques and shrines, sometimes several times per day. We'd learned to recognise the architectural styles and the functions of different parts of a mosque. We'd seen old, new and everything in between but we…Read More

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Playing Chicken on the Azadi Roundabout

Written by koshkha on 18 Mar, 2009

Most big cities have one or more iconic buildings that serve as an instantly recognisable symbol of that city. These are the buildings that the foreign correspondents stand in front of when making their reports on the television news. If it's Sydney they'll have the…Read More

Failing to Visit the National Stadium and Still Not Minding

Written by koshkha on 16 Mar, 2009

With a day to spare and all the obvious attractions closed for a religious holiday, we found ourselves clutching at straws for things to do on out last day in Tehran. We'd been up the mountain to try to get the cable car and failed.…Read More

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Failing to Visit Tehran's Ski Slopes and Not Really Minding

Written by koshkha on 15 Mar, 2009

One thing that many people will find hard to believe is that Tehran is one of those cities where you could - if you chose - spend your morning in the museums and your afternoon on the ski slopes. Tehran is situated at the foot…Read More

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Khomeini's Tomb - A Very Unusual Tourist Attraction

Written by koshkha on 15 Mar, 2009

~~ A Land of Faces~~When you visit Iran there are faces looking down at you wherever you go on the streets and in the hotels and restaurants. In a land obsessed with martyrdom, every street corner and every roundabout seems to be decorated with images…Read More

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Martyrdom in Iran - the Behesht-e-Zahra Cemetary

Written by koshkha on 15 Mar, 2009

When you visit Iran there’s one thing you can’t fail to spot – it is a country with a fixation on death and martyrdom; a country where no matter where you go, you are never very far from reminders of the Iran-Iraq war – or…Read More

Mostaqim! How to hail a taxi in Iran

Written by Esteeve on 10 Nov, 2000

Usually mostaqim (straight ahead) will do the trick. In order to hail a taxi anywhere in Iran, one must stand by the roadside and as taxis slow down and roll by, you must yell out the direction in which you wish to travel. If the…Read More

An encounter with the Bassijis, the much dreaded Guardians of the Revolution

Written by baroudeur2004 on 25 Sep, 2007

I had met Moshen, a lovely Iranian guy through a chatting website and I had decided to meet him since he seemed trustworthy. He was a graphic designer student about to finish his studies and we quickly became friends after I arrived in Tehran. Moshen…Read More

Hiking at Darake

Written by Esteeve on 11 Nov, 2000

To escape the crush of humanity in the city center, as well as to take a break from the watchful eyes of the keepers of the faith, the komitehs, many Tehranis seek refuge in an area in the northern part of the city called Darake.…Read More

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