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Bad Hotel Room? Here's How to Handle It

Bad Hotel Room? Here's How to Handle It Photo

Photo by TravelSoleus75

Posted on October 4, 2010 in Travel Tips

As IgoUgo members know, any frequent traveler is bound to come across the opposite of TravelSoleus75's great hotel room pictured here--and get a total dud hotel room, instead. You know, the one with suspicious spots on the comforter, a struggling shower, or fuzzy green stuff sprouting near a leaky air conditioner. But should you suck it up, or demand a refund? Take it from smart travelers who’ve been there before--here's how to get what you deserve.

  1. Take stock of the situation.
    Before you grab the phone to berate the hotel manager, take a minute to document the room's shortcomings. If you have a camera or camera phone, take pictures. A shortlist of problems should be at your fingertips--it'll make it that much more likely you’ll be taken seriously.

  2. Call the hotel manager, and ask that the issue be resolved.
    Give the hotel a chance to fix the problem in a timely manner. If you storm out, or file a complaint later, it can be much harder to reach a pleasant conclusion--or a refund. At the very least, ask to switch rooms.

  3. Still not satisfied? If you booked online, call the customer service department for help.
    Major travel sites usually have a standard protocol for dealing with dissatisfied customers, and can intercede on your behalf.

  4. But…still not happy? If you booked with a credit card, call the company for help.
    You may be able to contest the charges, or have grounds for a refund--especially if the property differs wildly from its advertised description.

  5. Make sure the world hears your thoughts.
    Write a letter to the hotel management, or contact the corporate headquarters of a chain to lodge your complaint. Then, (and most importantly!) take advantage of the power of the Internet: post an informative review of the spot on IgoUgo to save a fellow traveler the same bad situation. And to avoid subpar lodging in the first place, search for hotels and see what other IgoUgo members have to say!

Posted by LonelyHighway (Kelly L. Phillips)


Comment by eyesoftheworldStaff on October 21, 2010

If you never even get your room because the hotel has overbooked (it can happen, especially when hotels are busy), this article has tips on finding a place to lay your head--at that hotel or elsewhere.

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