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Easter Island: Essential Travel Tips

Easter Island: Essential Travel Tips Photo

Photo by IgoUgo Staff

Posted on October 12, 2012 in Beaches

What is Easter Island?

This seems to be the main question people ask when discussing this remote island with the mysterious statues. Also known a Rapa Nui, the aforementioned Easter Island is considered one of Latin America's greatest wonders. The good news is that LAN Airlines can get you there with style and comfort. Follow along as we tell you when to go, how to get there as well as a few of the most interesting things to do.

Tapata Rapa Nui Festival by TwoIdiots

Where is Easter Island?

Find Chile on a map and then slide your finger about 3,800 km west. Easter Island is remote, isolated and positioned at the southernmost point of the Polynesian Triangle.

When to Go:

Touristy: January-March
Hot: January-February
Cool: July-August
Wet: May
Surfing: January-February

How Do I Get To Easter Island?

LAN Airlines offers round-trip flights to Easter Island. Depending on your home location, you may need to fly to Tahiti or Santiago first. LAN Airlines flights include inflight entertainment, complimentary food and drink, and access to airport VIP lounges. It’s easier to forget you are flying when you can catch the latest season of Mad Men, listen to tons of music and munch on your favorite snacks (travel calories don’t count.)

Easter Island photo by pietropecco

Who Will Really Love it?

Rapa Nui is a bucket list destination for those who choose to “walk the talk” of adventure travel. It’s unique, compelling and dreamy. Historians and culture vultures will love Rapa Nui’s mysterious past and archeological sites. Scuba enthusiasts will discover near-transparent waters at Motu Nui. Surfers are rumored to catch some serious waves. We could safely state that anyone who simply enjoys a fantastic beach and a cold drink will have a pretty memorable vacation.

Why Easter Island is Cool:

Rapa Nui has a very mysterious history. The island is dotted with these incredible statues or moai juxtaposed across the landscape. Eerie? Magical? The statues were cut from volcanic rock and somehow moved across the island – even though they weigh several tons. Some believe the centuries-old stone statues represent the strength and spirit of past warrior tribes. Regardless of Moai history, they are an amazing sight to see and 80,000 yearly visitors enthusiastically agree.

Rano Rakaru photo by fargazmo

Easter Island by pietropecco

Maoi at sunset by TwoIdiots

5 Things to Do in Easter Island
  1. Muse superstitions about the Moai at Rano Raraku.
  2. Scuba dive Motu Nui and count how many fish are bigger than your head.
  3. Lounge on the sand at Anakena Beach and think “I am in the most isolated yet inhabited spot in the world. Wow.”
  4. Explore the legend of the Bird Man Cult, the deity believed to have brought aviary life to Easter Island. (Did we mention there are falcons everywhere?)
  5. Drink Pisco. It’s the unofficial drink of Easter Island and it’s always important to drink like a local.

By Heather Green

Comment by HeatherCeleste on August 8, 2013

Great review! Easter Island offers so many interesting sites for visitors. The historical points of interest alone make it a fascinating place on anyone's travel itinerary.

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