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Swimming with the Dolphins

Posted by ashraine on May 08, 2009

I want to go somewhere I can experience swimming and encountering with the dolphins (trained dolphins only).

Does anyone know where in the US to go for the best experience?
I am particularly interested in Florida as first choice and secondly the Carribean.


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Reply by barbara on May 11, 2009

I know that there's a program at the Atlanta Aquarium in Georgia to swim with the whale sharks. They have dolphins as well so you might take a look at what they have to offer....


Reply by Rebecca.Dillard on May 25, 2009

Swimming with the dolphins, wow, what an amazing proposition....I guess there should be plenty of places in the Caribbean to do that......


Reply by jiggs1219 on June 05, 2009

If you do go the Caribbean route then go to the Bahamas. There is the Blue Lagoon island is a 25 minute ferry ride from the Paradise Island and I have to admit the Dolphin Encounters was an awesome experience. There are packages to choose from, you can swim and interact with them which is lots of fun and at the end you get to feel the famous foot push. The foot push is where you lie on the water facing down (life vest keeps you from sinking) and the dolphins come and push your foot with such a force that you are lifted up into the air for like 10 seconds. If you google it or youtube it then you can see for yourself. I had an amazing time doing all this at the Blue Lagoon and the Bahamas in general.

Reply by mk123 on July 02, 2009

Travel Destinations to Swim with Dolphins

There are several places where you can travel to encounter with dolphins.

We will concentrate this time in the travel destinations within the American continent and Hawaii where you can travel to see dolphins.

However, there are several other travel destinations in the world where you can travel to see dolphins like Australia or New Zealand.

To start, you need to define the kind of encounter with dolphins you would like to have. Seated from the distance in an auditorium like most big aquariums or you can travel into the real dolphin habitat either to swim or watch them in places like Hawaii, Florida, Cancun, Bahamas or Baja.

This section is devoted to places for traveling to encounter with wild dolphins in their own habitat and in a different page we will be talking about the places to travel to see great aquariums and dolphinarums.

We include some operators which give such service. Although we do not endorse any of them, we provide a guide on how to pick your best option. Click here to read how to pick up the right dolphin tour.

Once you travel into dolphin's territory, you have two tour options, you can watch dolphins from a boat, or you can get into the water and swim with dolphins.

Reply by Svenstrup on July 21, 2009

Hey Aleenah

I can see on the website Togfrog there is a please at Key Largo in Florida where you can swim with sharks.

The link is:

Reply by niceness8000 on January 17, 2010

If you still need an answer to where to swim with dolphins, you need to get to Orlando. "Discovery Cove" is right across the street from Seaworld. There, you will be able to swim with trained dolphins, and you will absolutely love it. If you go during the off-peak season, you can save on tickets. The park does not get crowded, however, you need to pay a little extra and opt for the guided tour for the day. That way, you get to swim with the dolphins longer than the rest of the people and you get to do it at your on pace. They have other activities as well. The day will fly by.


Reply by travellover22 on December 29, 2010

We just got back from Hawaii last month and swam with spinner dolphins in a beautiful bay! They are wild dolphins but it was amazing: schools of them everywhere and they come right up to you. They jump out of the water and spin in the air hence the name....


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