Best of IgoUgo

IgoUgo rewards great reviews. So what does that mean?

How to Achieve Best of IgoUgo

  • 1Attach photos to your reviews and stories
  • 2Describe your attraction in a colorful, detailed manner. Imagine you are helping a friend.
  • 3Provide pricing and/or hours of operation (if you know.)
  • 4Provide fee information like parking/cover charges/cash only, etc.
  • 5200 words minimum
  • 6Be objective as opposed to superlative or overly negative.

Other Rules

IgoUgo only distributes GO! Points for original content submissions. You cannot repurpose reviews from other sites and receive points.

If you write a review that’s longer than the maximum 1500 words, you will only receive one “Best of” per ONE establishment reviewed. Multiple reviews about one attraction will not receive multiple awards.

Journal Guidelines

IgoUgo distributes points for writing NEW reviews/content. You cannot repurpose old reviews and place them in new journals

What Else Is New?

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