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A Week in Pattaya Via Bangkok Airport

Created by dkm1981 on April 29, 2013 Best of IgoUgo

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We spent a week in Pattaya to rest our weary feet after spending a couple of weeks touring the Far East. It isn't the best place on the planet, but there are some good bits to it.

1 Day Trip in Pattaya Part 1

Created by lldonll on April 18, 2008

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Places around Pattaya worth exploring.

1 Day Trip in Pattaya 1

Created by AmazingThailand on March 14, 2008

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Pattaya is one of the not-to-be-missed locations when one visits Thailand.

Trip to Pattaya

Created by borndistinction on October 31, 2007

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The first trip to pattaya. i went with my family. the most enjoyable and never forgotable trip.

Pattaya, Thailand for Diving and Culture?

Created by Rob van Cutsem on January 24, 2006

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Spend 4 weeks in Pattaya to learn to scuba dive. I have been coming to Thailand for over 20 years and know the area of Pattaya quite well, as i had a factory at 30 miles from Pattaya. Pattaya is a good place for holidays, even if it has a bad reputation because of the sextourism. There is plenty to do for families as well. With several excellent zoos, a water park, great swimming and diving, many, many cheap restaurants and so on.

Paradise in Pattaya

Created by iang000 on December 7, 2005

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A weekend on the beach in Pattaya can do wonders, especially at a 5-star brand new hotel.

Beautiful Beaches of Pattaya

Created by sjv123 on November 30, 2005

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Pattaya is a small town with beautiful beaches, roaring nightlife, abundant shopping, and exquisite Thai food.

My Holiday in Pattaya

Created by attaya on September 23, 2005

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I have stayed at the Sigma Resort Pattaya for 3 nights. My room was on the 15th floor, with a balcony overlooking the Jomtien Beach. The staff was friendly and the daily maid service was good.

Thailand's Pattaya, Avoid at all Costs

Created by miloetal on September 11, 2005

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Nothing will ever cause me to return to Pattaya. Yes, there are natural beauties in close proximity, but this place exists for its sex industry. It is one huge Red Light District. Yes, there are other activities, but nothing that isn't available in other, less disgusting parts of Thailand.

Our Trip to Pattaya

Created by trener on August 7, 2005

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We had a wonderful holiday in Pattaya. We stayed at the Atlas at Pattaya Hill Resort; our highlight was visiting the Nong Nooch Gardens, about 20 minutes’ drive from the resort. They are well worth a visit if you are holidaying in Thailand - they are the most beautiful landscaped gardens in Thailand. It is on 500 acres, with an orchard, a nursery, and other wonderful botanical gardens. There is a resort here that offers seminar and banquet facilities and top Thai and international food. There are also cultural performances daily, and there are markets and handicrafts. There is an amazing elephant show - the elephants do paintings, play soccer, basketball, and tenpin bowling. I really recommend this as a must see if you go to Thailand.

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